A Baby No More!

We are just two days away from our baby turning one! I don’t like it…NOT ONE BIT! Quinn has been a wonderful baby. In some ways she is still very much my baby, and always will be. She is not walking yet, but she wants to. Her sisters all walked at 8 and 1/2 months, but Quinn likes to take things in stride…you know, in her own time. Oh, and yes, another reason may be that her sisters do not LET her walk! For goodness sakes, she can’t even cry without them picking her up, so the way I see it, Quinn has it pretty good. She always has someone to come to her rescue. I am sure that we will paying for this later, but for now, she is still a sweetie, so we’ll let the girls keep spoiling her. Thought you might like to watch her successes so far with the walking thing. We’ve captured four steps on video. Who knows, we may have a great birthday surprise from her by Thursday. Look out world…here comes Quinn Olivia!!!!


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