Outside fun.

Growing up, I loved being outside. For the most part, I didn’t stay indoors much…unless my Atari called my name, then it was all Pitfall, Kaboom, or Frogger for me! Being outside, however, was a playground of endless opportunities for me. We lived in the parsonage at Washington Baptist Church in Greer, SC, which was also the parking lot for the church bus. I remember, many times, Missy and I would sneak on the bus. I say “sneak” because it was a strict rule that we were not to get on that bus because, number one, it was dangerous, and number two, “it belonged to the church.” Nonetheless, the church bus was an adventure, and a risk Missy and I were willing to take! It provided us with hours of entertainment.
Another great passion of mine outdoors was truly believing that I was the Bionic Woman! I had down the …bear with me…”cha-cha-cha” sound that would background Jamie’s every swift move. I was often found balancing on the top of the swing set, or jumping from the highest stair on our porch, as well as eating a mixture of who-knows-what that would increase my super powers. As I think back on it, the many dynamic feats I performed may be the very cause of my endless back pain today! Once again, it was worth the risk.
Yes, outdoor fun in the Cashion home was filled with adventures. There were the barefoot walks and runs across the gravel driveway without a pain in the world. There was the time that I simply had to show off for my great aunt and great uncle. I proceeded to get on my bike as they left from visiting us and put my Evil Knievel on…know what I’m sayin’?
I rared back and went full speed ahead and popped the prettiest wheelie you ever saw…only to end up with a busted mouth and an emergency trip to the….DENTIST! (You thought I was going to say ER, right? If only that glamorous!). That “show-offness” in me pretty much was the cause of three years of braces! Nonetheless, I wouldn’t trade the days of outdoor acts of bravery for anything.
Our girls are very much the same. They can leave for outside and we may not see them again for hours. Their latest love is baseball. I say baseball because McKenna will defiantly tell us that she prefers it to softball, and she just doesn’t understand why girls don’t play baseball, too. For now, she’s sticking to baseball, and that’s that! They have formed their own team with the neighborhood kids. Of course, everything in their world right now must have the name LifeSong in it, so their team is called…what else…LifeSong. I love watching them play. It reminds me of being a kid again.
Since Quinn can’t join in right now, she loves her new swing Mommy got her at the yard sale. Remember, I got it for $3? She enjoys letting the wind hit her face and smiles great BIG when she comes toward me as I push her. One day, she’ll dream of reaching the clouds on a swing, or dream of becoming an astronaut, or maybe fly an airplane. Outside she’ll transport herself to an imaginary world where smiles overflow, the trees are made of candy, and the sky is one big swimming pool. We’ll be there to watch her grow, to explore the world around her, all the while wishing we, too, were kids again.
Enjoy these pictures of her fun……..


5 thoughts on “Outside fun.

  1. You not talking about me are you (not writing on your blog)? I always read, love and have sweet memories of some of the things that you write about. I ALWAYS love your blog. You and it are precious to me :). Love you!

  2. Were you trying to be Evil Knievel or were you imitating Nanoo imitating Evil Knievel? You know about the time she tried to drive Allen’s motorcycle through our sliding glass door when we lived in Statesville don’t you! Your girls are beautiful. I wish I could see them more often!Love,Diana

  3. Quin is so cute! All the girls are. GIve McK a big hug from us and tell her happy birthday. We were in Rio for Meg’s. But it was fun. Come see me! (I’ll be in the States for six months in 2009. July to December.) Love you!

  4. Quin is so cute! All the girls are. GIve McK a big hug from us and tell her happy birthday. We were in Rio for Meg’s. But it was fun. Come see me! (I’ll be in the States for six months in 2009. July to December.) Love you!

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