Zip Zero

We had our life group last night at our home. We meet here every Tuesday right now until our host’s home gets ready…they just moved in. Anyway, after group McKenna came down from staying upstairs with the babysitter and she stood in the kitchen talking to my friend, Beva, and me. We were discussing Beva’s root canal that she had had earlier that day. Beva was explaining to Kenna the procedure done, and it prompted Kenna’s memory of learning about cells during science class that day. She began to explain how simple, small blows to the head could cause a warp in brain cells. I really was half paying attention to the particulars, though. I hear “science class” and I have bad flashbacks to my own days in science! I did tell Kenna that having babies makes one lose a degree of brain cells. She was like, “huh?” I told her that each time I had a baby, I lost my brain cells and couldn’t think straight, to which she replied, “Mom, you must be what they call a ‘zip zero’.” Beva and I busted out laughing. McKenna was being serious about her studies, but didn’t think how I must feel to be called a “zip zero.” Well, I didn’t feel too good. I told her now must be the time for me to just lay up in bed and never move again. At this point I pretty much feel like a “good for nothin'” thanks to my four kids. Wonder what they would call me if I had a fifth kid? Let’s not find out!


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