I am just having one of those weeks, I guess. I wanted to post pictures to prove it to you, in fact, but I have no batteries for my camera, so I’ll take some pictures later. The second I get past the fact of what just happened, something else happens. I guess you eventually get to the point that you really don’t care anymore and you can just laugh things off, like I’m trying to do.

It all started on Tuesday. Jeff and I were to host our Life Group that night, so I had some preparations to do, some errands to run, and some organizing to do so that I could even let people into my home that night. Was it a full moon on Tuesday? I really don’t know, but if I was a bettin’ person… My kids were under the influence of something, bless ’em! As I was trying to cut up sausage, lay out ingredients and peel my shrimp for the shrimp and grits dish I was making, everything else around me just exploded. The girls were in and out, in and out. They were calling each other names. Everyone kept getting hurt, so there was a lot of crying going on…not to mention the constant “Mama, can I…?” I was getting a little on edge, let’s say. I needed Jeff home to take care of crowd control. Did I mention the entire neighborhood’s kids were coming in and out, in and out? But Jeff wasn’t due home for another thirty minutes when all of this was going on. So, I just tried to plug along and “git ‘er done.” I managed to get my prep work done and my friend, Beva, came over a little early! Thank the good Lord above that she did. I put on the grits and they decided to clump, so Beva patiently stirred and stirred some more and got those clumps all out! I put on the sausage and shrimp, and as Beva will testify, one of those shrimp jumped right out of the pot! I threw it back in though and “took care of it.”
Dinner miraculously was finished without another hitch, but when I went to pour myself some water, I lifted the cup to my mouth and tried to drink it from my neck instead! There was a witness. Allison saw it all. Had a little giggle at my expense, but I’m OK with that. If you can’t laugh at yourself…really! Little did I know that once everyone left that I’d find yet another mess I was responsible for. I had put up my mildew cleaner from cleaning the bathroom that afternoon. It, apparently, tipped over and leaked out all over my brand new bath rug, giving it a nice new white circle! I was irrate! Do you know how much bath rugs cost? Yes, I laughed it off…until I went to the bathroom and discovered I had my underwear wrong side out all day. Full moon?? Pun intended, yes! Thank goodness the rest of the evening went on without me making another mess of things, but there’s always Wednesday….

I woke up Wednesday super tired, but really ready to get some stuff accomplished, so I headed out to be productive. Jeff called me and told me that he needed his football shirt for the game they were having last night, so I told him I’d take care of it. Well, I took care of it alright. I had not washed it yet, so I decided to go ahead and do that before I met my sister for lunch. I unloaded some things that I had been keeping in the washing machine waiting on a full load, and did a load of whites/lights instead. I discovered, however, when the load was done that I apparently had not removed everything. I did not see the cherry red rug underneath a light colored sheet that I had left in there! I can now officially say that I have pinkened my first load of laundry, and Jeff’s football shirt now looks like he coaches a girls’ football team instead of a boys’. If anyone knows how to remove pink from just about anything, let me know. I have used OxiClean and bleach….FIVE TIMES! I got just about no change…very little change!

You know, it’s just things like all of this that make me wonder if McKenna’s “zip zero” comment (see yesterday’s post) isn’t true. I am almost scared to face today. I have already sneezed 192 times this morning and my eyes are watering something awful. I did knock Quinn over…pretty hard…but I didn’t see her there. Maybe I should crawl back in bed! I don’t know, but I know one thing. I will be taking a closer look at my underwear, my rugs and my cooking from now on.
Yep…if you can’t laugh at yourself…


4 thoughts on “UpsideDown!

  1. Awww, Amy…I really hope your day gets better! You’re still a great mother, wife, and friend even if your underwear is on backwards, LOL!!! Yep, we HAVE to laugh at ourselves…I laugh at myself every day:)(((HUGS)))

  2. I am so glad that other people have days like those and I am not the only one. Yes, I have to laugh at myself often.I can’t believe you are only 40 minutes from Gastonia!

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