Fall TV

I have never hidden the fact that I am a little addicted to TV. I have been known to plan my life around it…at least I did before I had DVR. I enjoy lounging in front of the tube watching my favorite shows, while sipping some good coffee, year around! Here’s a little of what I have been watching lately:

Deal or No Deal: Was I the only one that got a little excited to see Jessica Robertson win the first million on the show. I have nothing to hide from you…I CRIED! I love to see people happy. She was pregnant with her second child. I am so surprised she didn’t go into labor right then!

Prison Break: I’ve told you before, Jeff and I love this show. We planned to be home by 8pm on Labor Day just to see the season premiere, which was two hours long. We ran a little late from being at a friend’s house, so I was really grateful for my DVR that night.

Football: We have been watching some football around here lately. Our season started with a Thursday night game for the Gamecocks. They looked like a bunch of girls playing the first half, but played a little better the second half…good enough to beat NC State (with love, for Resia!). We have been watching some Wake Forest football, too. That’s on the agenda today. We have a special friend who plays for them. Look for #67. We think he’s great! Oh, and Resia, we’ll be cheering for Wake when they play State, too!

Rachael Ray, Oprah, etc: My talk shows start back up on Monday! Yay. I know that Oprah is not everyone’s favorite, nor is she mine, but I can’t wait to see her time with our US Olympic gold medal winners on Monday. Rachael Ray starts up, too, and I’m just a sucker for a new recipe.

So much more TV to come…Biggest Loser, Lost (in the winter); Survivor; American Idol (January); ER ( I have watched this show since it premiered in ’92, as I was studying for a psychology exam); House; Tori and Dean (that’s a bit of a guilty obsession, but it completely amuses me)
Oh, and for the inquisitive minds out there, my girls go to bed at 8pm, so yes, I do have time for all of this TV!!

There’s so much great TV to watch. What are you looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Fall TV

  1. Well ladies, everyone knows I love the show, Criminal Minds, but I don’t really get to watch it much. We go to bed and I let Gracie read to me (she’s a wonderful reader and brings home some really good books). My TV days are over until the summer … I’ll catch all of the re-runs then.

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