The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I gave myself a makeover. Do you like it? Before you go calling me a Scrooge, I am decorating my house and my blog because I’ll be away for Thanksgiving when I usually do it, so let’s just say I’m getting ahead! I love this time of year more than anything. I might have said the same thing about the Fall, too, but really…I LOVE this time of year, too! I have loved Christmas since as early as I can remember. Just to get full of Christmas memories today, I pulled out my baby photo album and pulled out my favorite Christmas pictures of me as a little girl. Throughout the next few weeks, I look forward to sharing many family memories with you, as well as all the new memories we will surely be making this year. May your Thanksgiving and Christmas season be filled with so much joy that you will bust with joy from it all! ~Amy~
I’ve always loved a good present!

Back in my Ride ’em Cowgirl days!

Who doesn’t love a fake fireplace picture?!
You will see me in this pose EVERY Christmas…right over the food!


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