Drop In at the Hickman’s

Today is kind of one of those “let out your breath and say ‘Aaaaahhh'” kind of days. We had our last big “HOORAH” for the season…well, with the exception of family coming in soon. Last night was the beginning of what we hope will become a Hickman Family tradition. One thing we’ve seen occur at LifeSong is build your church by loving families, and while we see that done by focusing on ministering to children and youth, building relationships in general is huge! So, we did some fun relationship building last night. Our Christmas Drop-In A-L and M-Z style (you just have to know the story behind that, so read previous posts) was so much fun. Sometimes I feel like I just kind of see the same people everytime I’m at LifeSong, so last night was a great time to get to know some new people, as well as sit back and have time to relax with some great friends, too. We’re not quite sure how many people came through, but there was a lot of running back and forth to the kitchen to refill appetizer plates, so that’s a good sign, right?
The kids headed out to the garage that we had tried to keep warm during the day so the night wouldn’t feel so cold, but my girls left the door open to the outside, so it did get a little chilly for the kids out there while they decorated their Christmas trees and colored Christmas pictures. They had so much fun, though.
We are very thankful for the people that took time out to come over. We say all the time, having people drop by is one of our favorite things, but hopefully this drives it home, people! We want you to come see us more often! We are also thankful to report that our neighbors did not call the po-po (that’s police for you more dignified souls) on us. We had no incidents to put in our crazy memory book, thankfully!
Thanks to my friend, Sheldon, for taking pics for me. She didn’t come just to do that, but I never took the time to go get my camera out of my purse, and Sheldon bought herself the best camera recently, so yippee…we’ve got good pictures to share.


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