A Long Weekend

Thankfully, it is a long weekend here in our school district, but as Hickman tradition would have it, we have sickness in the home anytime we have a break from school! I am grateful, yes, that we don’t have it while school is in session, but still… Avery has strep throat. Apparently it’s running rampant around her school, so six people in the house here, two of whom have no tonsils and rarely get sore throats, but three of whom are susceptible, and let’s just pray it’s not the man in the house who has the largest tonsils in the known world!

So, you can imagine our day today has not been too thrilling, other than a trip to the doctor where Little Lovey, aka Quinn Olivia, decides to act like a two year old and have me chase her all over the medical center! She cackled. I ran out of breath! Anyhow, we got a diagnosis for Avery, and now we know what to do.

Typically, today or tomorrow or Date Nights for Jeff and me, and we were going tonight, but unfortunately, our babysitter had an emergency. We’ll reschedule, though. It has always been a priority to go every other week for us, but we’re attempting a weekly date by putting it in our new budget. We love our time together and love trying out new restaurants together and ending every date at, yep…Starbucks!

I’ve been sitting here dying laughing at Quinn. She has been really talking lately, and has I have mentioned before on here, she learned to say Avery’s name first. We tell everyone that she learned Avery’s name first because she hears it the most, and yes, it’s true. In turn, after all this time of saying Avery’s name insesantly, she has taken to blaming everything on Avery, too. In just the few minutes I have been sitting here typing, she has come in here and told me, “Avery hit me…Avery hit me…Avery hit me,” OR very similarly, “Avery hurt me…Avery hurt me…Avery hurt me.” She grins from ear to ear each time she says it, so you know that she has made the whole thing up, cause this Mommy who knows where her children are at all times (hint of sarcasm) happens to know that Avery is lying doing on the couch!

So, any ideas on what we can do while we are cooped up indoors tomorrow? Not going out while Avery is sick, of course, but it’s going to be 31 degrees here tomorrow! Give me an idea!

Hope you have a great Friday.


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