Report cards were issued yesterday in our school district. I always break out in a cold sweat those days because my past starts to haunt me. “Have my girls inherited my ‘just be average’ gene? Please, Lord, help them be like their Daddy!” By this, I mean, I coulda used another year of school! Anybody relate? I was born in October in a time period where the cut off date for starting Kindergarten was November 1st. Had it been today, I would have started school in September, thus giving me a year to get smarter and start my life in school off on a better note. OK, this is my story and I’m sticking to it, cause we all know that my poor performance in school was not because of lack of motivation or discipline, right? Anyway, truth of the matter is, I was just really average when it came to school. I have tried hard to not instill bad habits in my girls. My middle name can, at times, be “Procrastinator.” I mean, really, isn’t that the reason I started this blog – to give me reason to put off doing something much more important? My husband pointed out in his message on Sunday that I’m the planner and he’s the one that likes to fly by the seat of his pants. Well, folks, that is not entirely true. If we were getting stellar grades for who can procrastinate, aka “fly by the seat of their pants” better than anyone else, I win, I win!! I just had a knack for pulling it out in the end. Unfortunately, my pulling it out in the end still looked, well…AVERAGE! I convinced my teachers and professors that I had worked diligently, however, thus resulting in being well-liked by them because they thought I was one of the “good” students! Ha! I sure hope my girls don’t read this!
My point in all of this is that coming home everyday and doing your homework and studying diligently actually DOES work. I am happy to report that all of my children…you know, the ones that share MY blood, my genes…came home with straight ‘A’ report cards yesterday! OK, well, Avery gets C’s and S’s because she is, after all, in first grade. C’s mean “consistently demonstrates” and S’s “somewhat demonstrates.” Avery got C’s! That’ll be the only time we’ll jump up and down about that! I am so very proud of them, though, and THAT is the real reason I have this blog…to brag on my babies and talk about just whatever I wanna talk about. What superstars they are! I am, in all honesty, slightly jealous, however. I can’t say that straight A’s were ever a reality for me, but I can live vicariously through my kids, right?
So, world (OK, all 10 of you that read my blog) my kids got straight A’s (C’s). What a happy day at the Hickman Home. Way to go girls!


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