Menu Plan Monday 1/26-2/1

My mind must have been on all things cultural in my meal planning this week. Maybe it’s a little longing for something Venezuelan, or maybe I am in a mood to travel and all I can afford is to travel there through my tummy! Anyway, don’t fault me on my lack of creativity, or better yet, praise me for it…It’s International Week! (I totally made that up, but it does apply to everyday this week except for Thursday and Sunday, when we break from our International theme!)

Monday, 26th – Taco Soup

Tuesday 27th – Lunch for my girlfriends – Chicken Empanadas
Black Beans
Mexican Sugar Cookies

Wednesday, 28th – Pabellon (Venezuelan meal, per McKenna’s request)
Carne Mechada
Black Beans and Rice (leftover from day before)
Platanos (Plantains)

Thursday, 29th – Silver Dollar Pancakes

Friday, 30th – Fish Tacos
Spanish rice and Pintos

Saturday, 31st – Game Night with some friends and I have to take an appetizer

Sunday, Feb. 1st – Chicken Pot Pie
Tossed Salad


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