Just to Prove I’m Not a Valentine’s Scrooge…

I thought I’d post 14 things I love today, and random though they may be, it’s what I love most at the present time…

1. I would be remiss if I didn’t put my Jeffery Walton Hickman at the top of this list. He is the love of my life. I met him and it was as if the Lord said, “here’s the answers to your prayers.” The Lord has never once stopped telling me that!

2. I certainly love my four girls…McKenna for her servant’s heart; Bailey for her social butterfly-ness; Avery for her quick and hard hugs while she takes a break from being sneaky; Quinn for calling “MaaaaaaMaaaaa” every morning when she awakes.

3. I love menu planning. Call me a nerd. I love making sure my family is well fed and loved on through a good dinner. I refuse to let the woman who cooks for her family die! 😉

4. I love Pandora radio…really, I just love music, and inside I’m a Diva singer!

5. I love where I attend church because it has teaches me everyday how to be the Church everywhere I go.

6. I love blogs…words have always been my love language, so reading other people’s words and getting little glimpses into their world just really interests me.

7. I love all things Hispanic…food, culture, language…and I like to share my experiences of growing up in that culture with anyone who will listen. Once you have traveled the world it gives you a very unique perspective on a lot of things.

8. I love my country…because of #7, I cannot listen to our national anthem to this day without crying

9. Coffee is my love language…it wakes one up, builds relationships, comforts…

10. I love Soma…my friend, Lana, introduced me to their camis and other comfort clothes

11. No list would be complete if I didn’t include Target…it never gets old to me.

12. I love having people over for dinner…breakfast, lunch, snacks. Showing people I love them by having them over is always fun for me.

13. I love reality TV…I am a sucker for it.

14. Because of my Father God, I have love at all. He completes every list!


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