On My Mind…

So yesterday I woke up and was like, “Life sure has been smooth lately.” Oh my word, mistake number one! I should have known better than to think such a thing, because, most certainly, what happens? We usually eat those words with a big, fat spoon! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I had to eat them in the worst of ways, but God sure did deal with my heart. I was feeling pretty prideful, I have to admit. I have kind of had the mindset that I am finally at a place that I want to be. I really don’t care what anyone else does anymore. I feel pretty much at ease with all I have on my plate right now – no more of that feeling that I should be doing more because that is what everyone expects of me. I don’t care about not being included on everything, which if you’ve read my blog long enough, I really struggle with feeling left out. I also have felt like I’ve finally been the wife and mom I had lost a while back. I was just feeling all nice and proud of myself. Well, that was until yesterday…

Jeff has been preaching messages the past few weeks on our Passions. The series has been great, and really, if I had to pick, last week’s message was my favorite, but it was this week’s message that got me shaking…well, jumping….out of my comfort zone. It was one of those times that before I went in the doors of our church yesterday that I was already feeling that God was trying to get my attention. He was calmly whispering to me, “Don’t get comfortable.” I didn’t realize the full impact of the words until Jeff’s message yesterday. He preached on the Passions of the Church. In a nutshell, it dealt with our expectations. For those of you who read this that may not know me personally, I am generally a person with high expectations. I can’t stand being around people, even, that can’t dream big, or see past their nice little boxes to live in comfortably. I am a dreamer. My dreams rarely disappoint either. I dreamed of a godly man to marry. God answered. I dreamed of being a mother. God SURE did answer (four girls!!). I dreamed of leading women to love their husbands, families, themselves, etc. God has answered time and time again. And THAT, right there, is where I feel him tugging to answer me again. It’s time to up the ante. It’s time to kick it up a notch. I have not lowered my expectations for this area of ministry, but they have just remained like this ————————— consistent. I do NOT want to be consistent here. I want to see women’s lives changed and marriages/homes walk in victory. God has called me to do that. To talk about it here seems so serious, but really the journey is loaded with fun and fellowship. It is true, though, it is loaded with a lot of deep stuff, too. That is where the last part of Jeff’s message comes in. We, the Church, should be a place of Healing. We need to be restoring lives, looking past the junk itself, to the possibility of deliverance. We need to stop talking about what people are doing, or NOT doing, and begin to wrap a arm around them and hold them up. I have these expectations, people, but I, like you, am content to remain stagnant and unmoving. Well, not today. Today I choose to live in the possibilities that this day, and the days after, will be mindblowing…lifechanging! I don’t even like to be all serious here on my blog, but I will not remain shallow here, either. God deals with me all the time and I don’t tell a soul, thus leaving God and me the only ones in the know. Well, now you know. Know you can extend a hand of accountability to me. Know you can pray for BIG things to happen in my life, as I pray happen in yours. God doesn’t want us walking to the same Ho-hum drum. He wants us “jumping, leaping and praising Him.” He wants us dancing the dance of our lives today! Which music are you going to choose?


One thought on “On My Mind…

  1. I’m catching up on my blog reading and just read this post. Thank you for sharing from your heart. This was great and it challenges me to also dream big and take action. It’s also good to hear I’m not the only lonely one out there sometimes!

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