Pay it Forward!!!

My sister, Missy, posted an idea taken from one of her friends on her blog yesterday, and I am ALL for this way of thinking and action, so here’s what’s going to happen. For the first three people that comment on my blog, you’ll be receiving a SURPRISE gift from me! No hints as to what you’ll be getting, but you’ll be getting something special with hopes that you, too, will pay it forward.
At our church, we are taking this step in a big, corporate way at the end of March. We’ll be giving each family that comes to church services that day an amount of money to go and pay it forward in their community. For families within LifeSong that are in need, we’ll be paying it forward to them, if they so desire. It’s a day set aside to push you along in the right direction. I have found that when I returned back to the States from college, the society I took for granted – you know, the one that thought of others more than themselves…the one that would spontaneously give to their neighbor without hesitation – had pretty much changed. It had become more of ME first and YOU second! Sorry, people, but that’s not me. I have always taken for granted blessing others in the way that I just thought everyone did it. Well, we don’t all do it, and what better time to start like the present?!

So, comment here, but BEFORE doing so, you must write a post, linking me, on your blog, showing that you, too, are paying it forward. We want to keep this going. It’s not a fad…it’s blessing others in unique and love-filled ways. So, who’s with me? Start paying it forward! Don’t forget to leave your comment for a special prize from me!


3 thoughts on “Pay it Forward!!!

  1. Good morning Amy. I remember Lifesong discussing the “pay it forward” when we were at our old location. That really struck home with me and I’ve been working on that ever since. I always get looks of shock and sometimes they ask me why. I always smile and say “because God wants me to”. I try to plant these seeds in their hearts, especially if someone is really down. It is such a sweet, sweet blessing to help someone or “pay it forward”. I’m praying that somehow the tiny seeds I plant will grow into a huge harvest! Love ya,

  2. I came over from the LPM blog. I liked your comment on the Shack. I could relate to many parts of that book. Your blog is nice…warm. Love your music. I enjoy being a vessel to pass on blessings. I guess you could say it is a pay it forward type of thing. I just try to do what I believe the Lord is asking me to do. It’s always out of the box, like Him. B

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