My New Love Affair

I have found a new love. Well, it’s not really a new love. It has always been there, but just recently, it’s made it’s way to the top of my “I gotta have ’em” list, and so far, seems very secure in first place. The options are endless, and the joy it brings my heart is limitless. Is it wrong to dream of these all day long?

OK, on to some news. Here’s more of what we’ve been doing around here at The Hickman’s home recently.
Quinn loves to go to the park…LOVES to be outside, so that’s where we’ve been…A LOT!

I should have included this in my last post, but Jeff got his first pedicure in Vegas. I got one, too, but this picture of Bobby and Jeff is so much more fun. So, definitely, pedicures is what we have been doing and hope to do more now that flip flop weather is coming back!

We had the LifeSong Youth over Sunday night. I’ll admit it…it traumatized me slightly to have so many in our house (about 30), but I love them. Here the boys are trying to set fire to our house with the S’Mores maker!

What’s a youth gathering without a little “see” food?!

Finally, we have also been working on, “Sisters LOVE each other!” Here I forced them to hug b/c they are just at that age where THAT is NOT Cool, Mom!

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