And The Winners Are…

What  a fun giveaway I was able to host this past week.  I loved getting lots and lots of comments about which necklace you liked the most from Lovoso. I wish I could give everyone of you one, but rules are rules.  I had three necklaces to give away and as random drawings would have it, ALL three of our winners like the WHITE one! Uh-oh! So, I did a little winner within the winners’ drawing to decide which of our three winners would get the white one, and then a separate drawing next for the brown and the last winner is awarded the turquoise.  So, without wasting any more of your time, here are our three winners…

And the winners are....

Erica Cosh

Vanessa Brown

Angela Hines

Like I said, all of our winners listed the WHITE one as their favorite, so I did a separate drawing among the three of them for the white necklace, then the brown and finally the turquoise…….

And, the winner of the white necklace is….Vanessa Brown!!

The winner of the brown necklace is…Erica Cosh!!!

The winner of the turquoise is….Angela Hines!!!!

Congratulations to all of our winners.  Winners, contact me and give me your address and I will mail you your necklace ASAP!! If you didn’t win this time, head on over to Lovoso and pick yourself out something nice.


3 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. Congratulations to all three and I will try to let this great cup of coffee soothe my broken heart and jealousy :-). I may just have to buy me one of those little jewels.

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