Extraordinary Women Giveaway

I’m super excited to be attending Extraordinary Women’s Conference on March 25-26 at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC.  I have the honor of taking some very extraordinary women with me from LifeSong Church, too!  Many of you may have wanted to sign up, or maybe it was just a stressful time in your life financially and you could not afford to go. Whatever the reason, I want to offer you an opportunity to win 2 tickets!!!! This giveaway is ONLY for tickets (valued at $49) for BOTH days of the conference.  To win, you must comment in the comments section below telling me about an extraordinary woman in your life. To receive an extra entry you can post a link to this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog (you’ll receive an extra entry each way).  You MUST let me know if you posted to Facebook, Twitter or your blog, though, by including it in your comment on this post, or you may come back and comment separately telling me  where you posted it.  If you would like to nominate someone else to win, include that in your comment.  Only ONE person will win the two tickets to make sure that they do not have to attend by themselves and can bring a friend along.  You do not have to be a partner at LifeSong to enter.  All are welcome!

Can’t wait to read all about some extraordinary women in your lives!! We’ll pick a winner on Monday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day!!!


16 thoughts on “Extraordinary Women Giveaway

  1. Ok, I’m not that great with this kind of stuff, but here it goes. I’m going to tell you about my step-mother, Rheda Ledford. I am entering this contest for her. She is an amazing, extraordinary, Godly woman! She and I have not always been close. We were able to spend a week together this summer on a mission trip to Virginia (along with my daddy). We shared some awesome time together and were able to share our hearts with each other. She is actively involved in her church with the children there. She puts her heart and soul into those kids, just as she did when I (along with 2 siblings) was growing up. I never understood her “ways” as a child; but now that I am grown and have a child of my own, I find myself “doing” as she did. She is married to my father. He is a lucky man to have her in his life. She has stuck by him through some really hard times. She has been there through addictions, alcoholism and so many other things that most women would have been ready to give up on him and leave. (My daddy is now a changed man thanks to God’s amazing love and grace!) She is a really SPECIAL lady and dear to me for SO many reasons! With her and my father recently loosing their business due to the economy, I would love nothing more than for her to be able to go to this EXTRAORDINARY Women’s Conference and be able to just “let loose” for a little while with some other EXTRAORDINARY women! I will share this link on Facebook.

  2. The extraordinary woman in my life is my mother, April Summer. She has a passion for helping others and for showing them the love of Jesus. Her home has been a place for people to go when they had no where else to go, and she welcomes them with open arms. My mother always puts others before herself and does it with a smile. She has a passion for people to come to know the Lord, and is one of the most selfless people i know. She truly is EXTRAORDINAY:)

  3. The extaordinary woman in my life is my sister Shawnna. My sister Shawnna is 9 years older than me. While growing up I always wondered why I couldn’t have a sister closer to me in age. In my teenage years I would find out. Our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 13 my sister was already married and had moved out of the house. Her house was my safe refuge. Even though she too was going through so much with our mother being sick she always made sure she was there for me during the years of our mothers illness. When I was 17 our mother died and my sister allowed me to move in with her and her husband. She helped me find my way even when I was difficult. She is the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. She is also an incredible mom to my nephew and our great niece. When my nephew turned 13 my sister became a single parent when my nephews father was killed in a motorcyle accident. The strength and courage my sister has shown through raising my nephew and teaching her son to be a man encourages me to be a better mom and to cherish every moment with the ones we love. My sister is now raising our great niece Cady. When Cady was 8 months old she came to live with Shawnna because her parents could not raise her. My sister has unselfishly raised Cady and loved her as her own for 4 years. I am truly blessed to not only have Shawnna as a sister but a friend. Shawnna is the most giving, loving, caring person I know. She always puts others first and she is the most extraordinary woman I know.

  4. The extraordinary woman in my life is my momma, Carol Petty. As a mother, her life has not been easy. Both my brother and I have been faced with serious trials and my momma has stood by us the entire way. She has made many sacrifices so that we may get the things we need. I know that there have been many times that my momma has held me while I cried, kissed my hurts and made them better, and even cried for me because she didn’t want me to feel pain. Due to a chemical imbalance, I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 13. I know there were many times that my momma lifted me up in prayer. She knew that no matter what God would help me. Because of her faith, I’m still alive 13 years later. I’m so blessed to have a momma who brought me up in a wonderful church. She was teaching me about God’s love before I could even talk. God used her example to help lead me to Christ. Because of the love she has shown me throughout my 26 years, my momma Carol Petty is an extraordinary woman.

  5. My grandma was such an amazing women. She was always there when I needed her. Her house was a safe refuge for me when we were growing up. She was not a Christian when I was growing up but came to know Christ at a Billy Graham crusade when I was in college. I learned so much from her and one of my most treasured pictures is of her holding Ashley up on her shoulder when they came to visit us in seminary.

  6. Extraordinary Women. I have been blessed to know many in my life, some that are still here, some that are not. Currently I am being a “big sister” to a wonderful young woman that has come into my life. She is here from her hometown, where she got kicked out of her minnite community because she did not conform. She suffered physical and sexual abuse there and yet still loves others with all her heart. She lived in Hawaii for a few months then her aunt that lives in SC begged her to move here. She worked and came home but because she had a cell phone, her aunt drove her to work one day with all her belongings and told her to never call or speak to her Again. Keirsten was homeless and the helping hand from her boss led to her boss’s son raping her. She has been living for some time now with her boyfriend and his family. This seems like a strange extraordinary women response I realize. I see the extraordinary woman in Keirsten that God is trying to bring forth. She has a heart the size of Texas despite all the betrayal and abuse in her life. She is desperately seeking a mom figure to love her the way her own mom did not. She gives above and beyond generously and without asking anything in return. She is struggling emotionally from her past and I am trying to find someone in this area who will work with her counseling wise, for free, and definitely a Christian counselor. I believe that she would benefit so much from coming to a conference like this, seeing God’s love poured out in the life of so many women who turned their own tragedy into truimph or can simply teach her how to live everyday serving God and knowing he sees her beautiful soul, heart and is longing to work a miracle. I am trying to be a local woman in her life to show her these things as well, how successful I am being…I don’t know. My prayer is that God will bring all the women he needs to this conference, to heal them, to love them, to encourage them and to form connections with other sisters in christ that can help us all in way we never imagined. For those of you who don’t know, Amy lived across the hall from me at CSU my freshman year. She and her roommate were a living example of God’s love, encouragement and friendship through Godly women who are obedient to him. Thank you Amy! Love you girl!

  7. My daughter-in-love, Amanda, is such an amazing woman. She may be young, but she is wise beyond her years. She walks her talk. She has encouraged my son to be a better man. She and my son, Craig, have inspired me to be a more Godly woman, have encouraged me to find a church home with caring people, have taught me about forgiveness, have taught me what it means to make a real commitment in marriage, and she has taught me how to be a loving mother-in-love. Amanda is also one of my closest friends. I can talk to her about anything and she always seems to say exactly what I need to hear at the right moment. Now, she is carrying my first grandchild, Caleb. I am so proud of the woman she has become over the last few years. I know that my grandson, Caleb, is going to be so blessed to have the greatest mom ever.

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