Got A Hankerin’?

Here in the good ole South, we like to say, “I sure do have a hankerin’ for…”  Truth be known, my hankerings are usually food related.  I won’t go into a list of them all, but generally they have to do with Venezuelan food, candy, sushi or potato chips!  I mean, when I say I have a hankering for these things, I am CRAVING them…passionately!  I think about them all day, plan my day around what I’ll eat next and obsess over making sure I’ve had my three meals a day!  Our family has even been known to plan our vacations around restaurants, rather than activity.  Sadly, food has become a god in my life.  I feel sick typing those words.  I LOVE cooking for others more than anything, but to some degree, my life of even serving others in a gift of hospitality became an unhealthy part of my life.  I literally have found myself in some of the best days of my life, but I refused to give this one aspect over to God.  I thought I could do it on my own, and for a while, I would, but then I’d talk myself into having that extra piece of candy, or I’d forget to eat only to remember when I was ravenous and anything would look good, so I’d eat an extra portion of it…because, well, I hadn’t eaten all day!  Something’s gotta give!

At the beginning of the year, I found myself longing for a challenge – a challenge to really make 2011 a year to see God move mightily in my life.  The obvious is always for us to resolve to lose weight, but for me, it just didn’t happen that way.  For me, I needed to stop keeping God out of parts of my life and let Him flow in every bit of it.  I had to stop saying, “You can have just a little of me here, a lot of me there,” and so on.  I longed to hear God speak to me through His word.  I wanted to get to know Him, and see just how the stand out characters of the Bible really lived life.  So, my first challenge has been to read the Bible in 90 days.  I really just didn’t see myself staying consistent for a year, so this 90 day challenge seemed doable to me.  Let me tell ya!  It has changed my life!  I find myself on the edge of my seat as I read the Scripture, barely able to wait to start reading each day.  I am finding commonality with the life of David.  Have you ever noticed, he whined a lot?! I whine a lot! Not always vocally, but I whine inside a good “woe is me” more times than not.  Pause! Wasn’t David a “man after God’s own heart”?  We sure don’t equate that with a whining man, but over and over in the Psalms, he cried out over his life.  Yep, that was me!  I may not have been crying out over my need to be healthy, but truth is, my flesh has been crying out for a while and I’ve done a fine job of ignoring….until I opened the word and scripture has jumped off the page at me about how God satisfies, and how the wicked seek to feed their appetites, but the righteous feed their souls.  Oh, how I want to walk a righteous life! How long I’ve been fixated on feeding my mouth! Ugh!

So, what to do? I can tell you the very first thing I did was cry out to God (had a David moment) and said, “I just can’t do this alone!”  The next thing, I began to research a plan that would require a complete dependence on God to get me through! Finally, a book came along just at the right time and I’m delving into it on my own, and teaching it in April….”Made to Crave.”  In “Made to Crave” Lysa TerKeurst hits the nail on the head about how much time we spend craving food over God, yet God desires us to crave Him above all else.  When we head out on a weight loss journey, most times we don’t want anyone to know, because if anyone knows, then no one will know when we mess up.  For me, I asked my husband to hold me accountable and we’ve been on our road to better health for 3 and 1/2 weeks now.  You see, once I accepted who God has made me to be, and stopped defining myself by a number on the scale or my jean’s size, I began to say, “God, just lead me to be healthy.  Help me make wise choices.”  It’s so incredibly hard, but I know that He is right beside me.  We like to say, “He’s a part of things,” but let me just say, “He’s the WHOLE of this.”  I absolutely cannot do this by myself.  This week has been very hard for me.  It’s the kind of week that I want to throw my hands in the air and say, “NO more!”  I haven’t though.  Haven’t even cheated.  I’m 17 lbs down as I type this, and sure, I love that, but I just refuse to get caught up in the number.  On the other side of reaching my goals, I want to say, “Lord, how much more I grew to know you during this.  Let’s keep on journeying together in everything.”

How about you?  Ready for some accountability? Want to surround yourself with a group of women that will cheer you on to success? Come join us at LifeSong Church on April 4th-May 9th for “Made to Crave.” We have two opportunities for you…9am-11am OR 6:30 pm-8:30pm.  FREE Childcare is provided for children ages infant – 5 years for the morning class, and infant-5th grade for the evening class.  You just need to purchase the main textbook, “Made to Crave,” along with the participant’s guide of the same name (found at or any local bookstore.)  You can register on Facebook, (this link will also link in to the evening class) OR you can register at  Make sure you indicate which class you will attend (morning or evening) and if you need to utilize childcare, along with the ages of your kids.

I believe in YOU!  You can see God take control of whatever you might face…weight loss, addiction, or anything that you crave more than God.  Don’t miss out on becoming the very best version of who God has created you to be!


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