What Do We Do Now?

So, for the past week, we have talked about our calling.  I hope that, by now, you know He’s called you if you are His child.  If you are unsure if you are His child, well, know…He’s called you, too.  He’s calling you, friend, to know Him…pursue Him.  He’s pursuing you.  Letting Him in will not only be a whole new world…He will BE your world.

What do we do now that we realize that we are all called?  You may have read my post yesterday and are still unsure just where He’s called you, but let me encourage you, don’t let the not knowing where keep you from living out your calling today!  Remember, yesterday we talked about loving well.  Do that!  In your pursuit to know where, run to Him…spend time with Him…get to know, really know the ONE who’s always with you, always guiding you.

I love music.  Maybe not the best singer in the world, but music speaks to me so profoundly…some days more than others.  Listen to this song and when you are done, run to Him.


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