I remember, somewhat vaguely, what it was like to not have any children.  It was just two people very much in love, who very much wanted a visible expression of their love to exist.  There were days of longing for a child to come into their home, and days when it seemed like an eternity would pass before that ever happened….

                              until that July.

A pregnancy test and a mere few seconds pass to confirm a little someone was on their way to make our little family of two…3!

9 months

It felt like an eternity until I held that sweet baby girl in my arms.  She represented the culmination of so much love and so much promise God had given to her Mommy and Daddy.  Then she arrived

April 25, 1998

It’s as though time stood still and this little part of me that I could not take my eyes off of held my heart in the palm of her tiny little hand.  She had me. She had her Daddy. We were beyond smitten.  As her Daddy lifted her up and prayed over her in those very first seconds of her life, we gave our hearts over to be parents that HE led, and that He would one day be the One to lead her life.  He has.

13 years later

The years have given us a front row seat to answered prayers.  She gave her life to Him…a second birthday!  We watch as she becomes who He has created her to be…her journey.  She loves well, lives well, and leads others well. She lives a life that says, “I’m me! Nobody else, but me!” She makes her Mom and Dad proud. She makes her Mom and Dad want to be just like her when they grow up!

McKenna, you are worth celebrating EVERYDAY.  The day you were born was the beginning of a love we never knew we could feel.  Our firstborn daughter, we love you.  Our prayer that day you were born hasn’t changed today.  Let Him lead you, and where He leads, follow Him with your heart, soul and mind.  You are beautiful…inside and out.  Always remember Whose you are.  Happy 13th Birthday!


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