When I attended a private school in Caracas, Venezuela one of the activities we had to do for PE one semester was archery.  Now, if you know me at all, I probably don’t look like the archery type (is there an archery type? an archery outfit you wear), but I was surprisingly good…surprising to me!  I found it to be somewhat therapeutic.  I hated that school with a passion and maybe, just maybe, I imagined I was hitting one of those mean kids with an arrow.  It was better to imagine than the alternative, right?  Anyway, I digress…

So anyway, you ever had one of those moments when things just come together and make sense?  In our current series at LifeSong Lyman, “Simple,” my husband made a statement Sunday that did just that for me.

“You can miss your life by striving for someday.”

Ouch!  I’ve done that!  Well, I’ve spent a whole lotta my life doing that!  It hurt to hear it, for me, that day, because I don’t want anyone else to miss any life by striving for their someday.

During the same time of my life as my archery days I missed out on a lot of life by simply not standing up for myself.  There really were mean kids at that school. There really were days that I hated life.  There were days that I let those kids walk all over me and call me nasty names, make fun of me as a Christian, and criticize what I wore.  I just missed life by not standing up for myself, believing the things they said about me and living to meet their approval over God’s.

Here, 25 years later, I sometimes still live this way, just on a more adult level. Ha! I let circumstances, trials and the mundane determine my days. I stop living and I start saying, “Someday I’ll make a change.”  The somedays pile up and then you wake up one morning to realize that goals were lost, memories were not made and you feel…tired!  I don’t like waiting on someday to come for today to matter, do you?  We fail at our goals, we live in the same vicious cycle, and for some reason we stop aiming for the target.  We give up on our hopes and dreams and resign ourselves to “I’m just a failure, so I’ll stay that way. It must be what I was made for.” Pah-leeeez!

Where have you stopped aiming for the target?  Which areas of your life have you heard yourself say more, “Someday I’ll…” rather than, “I’m gonna make today count”?  Don’t sell yourself short.  God has you here for a reason.  If you’re His child, He’s got you here to be a difference-maker.  Maybe it’s to be the best mom you can be, or to be the love of your husband’s life, or to be the CEO of a company where you can show Christ’s love, or maybe it’s to care for the special needs child that visits your church and needs someone to shadow them and give them the same experience as any kid there, and even maybe it’s to be the Pastor’s wife that ignites a passion in others to be all they can be…anything they want to be.  The point is…START LIVING!  Look around you…take a second and do it…are things really so bad that you can’t find one, single place to start living your fullest potential? My guess is NO, there’s not.  Find your mark and shoot straight for it.  Hey, maybe you’re like me and you’ll surprise yourself.  You might just be a good shot!


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