You remember that “funk” I told you about?  One way I described it to Jeff was that I felt like I was having an outer body experience and was looking AT my life, rather than actually being fully present IN my life.  It was weird. Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t all bad.  I was much skinnier living outside of myself!

OK, where was I? 

The funk? Yeah.  I felt that I just couldn’t quite get a grasp on things and everyone was only getting part of me.  Really, though, aren’t a lot of our good days like that?  Are we living fully present in the moment, and if not, how do we fully live?

I’ve been reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp as summer has started, and it has completely put words (beautiful words) to a lot of feelings I face as I desire to live the fullest life…one with purpose, passion and…as Ann highlights…gratitude.  Living life…the oh-so-good parts, and the oh-so-bad parts with gratitude?  I can say that for me, the oh-so-bad parts require a lot more of me being present (fully present) in order to be grateful.  Being half there just doesn’t cut it.  Ann included a heart-penetrating quote by Elisabeth Elliot to explain…

“Wherever you are, be all there.”

In the oh-so-bad and the oh-so-good…BE THERE!  In the face of pain, criticism, illness, financial woes…BE THERE.  On the days when the house is clean, the sun is shining, faces are smiling…BE THERE!  Look inside each moment and in the ebbs and flows of the good and the bad, He is there…fully present, very much the same, very much all we need.

As I wrote about yesterday, we can stop being all we were made to be after some bumps in the road, and after some unmet goals.  We, in essence, stop living. We hurt ourselves in the process.  We live on leftovers from the high times we’ve had in life, and they eventually leave us running on fumes.  We give leftovers to the ones we love.  We stop being fully present and others get a half-made version of who God created to be a whole, abundantly living life woman (or man).  Jon Acuff just posted this on his blog

“Do my spouse and kids get the best of my time and creativity or the rest of my time and my creativity?”

I’m very good at pointing out when I am on the receiving end of this, but very rarely am I willing to admit that I’m not fully present in my spouse’s or girls’ lives.  How often am I, or you, half way there in a moment?  How often do we lament the “right where we are” moments and wish them away to a “I would rather be there” moment? Live today, right where you are…yes, even if it’s changing a dirty diaper, in ceiling high laundry (tell me I’m not the only one), in a job that you question why you are there more than embrace it…and yes, if you’re the one that is having the oh-so-good day, take it all in.  See Him in the details.  Relish Him.  Be completely and wholly THERE!


2 thoughts on “There

  1. I definitely needed to hear this today! It’s a disconnect I have struggled with, maybe developed as a way to escape or protect myself? What it has become is a habit I’m not even aware of! Thanks for sharing and reminding me that we have to live fully, be there in each moment. By choosing to be engaged I will be better able to see and appreciate those God moments that I let slip by.

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