Where in the World?

It’s kind of been a traveling theme here this week.  With a husband in Africa and a daughter in Florida, it got me thinking about where I’ve traveled in my life, AND has me wondering, “Where have you been?”

Here’s where I’ve been or lived….

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I’ve also traveled to just about every state on the East Coast of the US, and most of the States on the West Coast, with the exception of the upper half of the US…There are soooooo many places I want to travel, but these are probably my top 3…

Australia...my ULTIMATE dream!

Madrid, Spain...I missed my chance when my sister lived here, but I still want to go!

Belo Horizonte, Brazil..My cousin lives here. I want to see her..

All in all, living in Lyman is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in a very long time.  From being born in Raleigh, NC, to living in Greer, SC, San Jose, Costa Rica, Caracas, Venezuela, Charleston, SC, and many other places, I LOVE traveling!  I love the adventure of seeing new cultures, tasting different foods and meeting a melting pot of people.  There’s always “no place like home,” but if you said, “Let’s go” today, I’m your girl!

What about you? Where have you lived? Where have you traveled? What is your dream trip?


5 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. Growing up I didn’t travel much but my husband loves it and now I’m hooked! We traveled the old Route 66 from St. Louis to Flagstaff, AZ a couple years ago and recently took our girls on a road trip loop through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota & Wisconsin. They loved seeing a different part of the country! Our family’s goal is to travel to all 50 states sometime before our kids leave home for good. My favorite place, though, was China. My husband and I back-packed through southern China, mapping and preparing the way for a team to bring Bibles to an unreached people group in the mountains there. It was so isolated but it was very beautiful. I loved the people instantly and long to return one day.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures here. I loved all the pictures!

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