What’s Pinteresting This Week…

So, a few weeks in and I continue to be obsessed with Pinterest.  I think I’ve even gotten my husband “pinterested” in all of it! He would never sign on, of course, but he listens to the ideas I share, and has enjoyed quite a few meals that I found on Pinterest!  So far, everything I have tried recipe-wise has been FANTASTIC! By far, my fav recipe was Buffalo Chicken Rolls!  At 100 calories per wrap/roll, they are a great idea for a meal.  I could eat 10 of ’em, but then that would kinda defeat the purpose of low-calorie, right?

So, here’s what I’m loving this week…

I'm LOVING this ring made from a Scrabble tile!

Looking for a baby gift? This is precious!

Are you a mess-maker like I am when you make pancakes? ;)

Kiss Pies...Such a great way to give your kids some lovin'

So, do you have any great ideas you’re trying out this week?

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