Sunday Rewind

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great day off with their family and friends.  I’m grateful for an extra day to recoup from what was a thrilling and humbling week this past week, culminating in a day to remember at LifeSong.  We spent this week doing pretty much a little of everything in order to be able to meet in our new facility for a soft opening. From decorating our new ladies’ restroom, to putting together/arranging chairs, moving furniture, and the list goes on and on, we have pretty much had a LOT going on.  While I’ve discovered I’m older than I used to be (aches and pains), I have also been reminded that LifeSong seriously has the BEST volunteers on the planet.  No complaining, no giving up, our volunteers just ROCK! I’m so proud of each of you and know that you inspire us deeply!

What a day we had at LifeSong yesterday! From the moment you entered the parking lot, you were greeted with a smile and helpfulness.  Smiles and warm welcomes greeted every.single.person that walked through the doors.  No matter the building change, the way people loved did NOT change.  Little snafus here and there happened, sure, but a commitment to make the day successful overrode everything.

As my husband preached a time of dedication of over our new building, along with a recommitting of ourselves to be a people that never change the message of loving our community well, the big room suddenly seemed closer than ever.  Here are my main take-aways from yesterdays message…those things we must never compromise in order to fulfill the vision of LifeSong.

*Stay on mission, but we are making a bold move to push the Gospel forward

*Be Thankful for this Opportunity – As Solomon gave thanks to be a part of the vision God had given his father, David, we too, recognize our part in it!

*Consecrate this Church – Without compromise, we will declare ourselves and devote ourselves to the worship of God

– There is no room for haughtiness and pride in fulfilling the vision. Through David’s sin of adultery, the fulfillment of the vision was removed and passed on to his son, Solomon. May we not let our sin get in the way!

*Dedicate ourselves – See your part in the vision. “Nobody can write the story of LifeSong other than God. We can, however, have God write us in the story.” What’s your part?

We ended yesterday by prayer walking every inch of our new facility.  We are expectant. We are waiting. We have made a seat for YOU!

Jeff and I want to personally invite all friends and family to be a part of our special day this coming Sunday, the 11th, as we Grand Open our new building.  You do not want to miss this. As my husband keeps telling everyone, “We are going to BLOW IT OUT!” The environment will NOT be dull.  It is going to be a day to remember as we see lots of new faces enter our building and as we recognize area firefighters, EMS, and police in remembrance of 9/11. Be our guest at 9am or 11am.



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