Here’s What “Pinterested” Me This Week…

So, I took this week and I said to myself, “Self, you are going to have to actually DO some of these projects you are pinning.” And that is just what I did!  This week I made a Ribbon Valance for my daughter’s, Avery’s, room.  The idea I pinned was this…

And what I did for Avery was this…

This is the un-hung version, but you get the idea. Total cost of project was $6 for 4 rolls of ribbon on sale this week at Hobby Lobby.

My next project took inspiration from a Ballard Designs catalog pin, and I added my own twist to make it special for Avery.  She’s a no frills kind of girl, so she was digging the zebra print I ended up using!  Here’s my inspiration…

And here’s how we simplified it for Avery’s room…

Total cost of this project was $4 because I already had the frames and the scrapbook paper, which is a cloth quality, was also on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. I added the self stick glitter letter for a few cents.

I’m currently working on this project.  It’s a little more tedious and time consuming, but will totally be worth it to have a new fall wreath.  I’ll post the finished product next week!


14 thoughts on “Here’s What “Pinterested” Me This Week…

  1. I’m having the same problem. I keep refreshing but your photos won’t show up. On the pinterest photos. And I want to see what you’ve done 🙂

  2. okay, so that cute curtain would be PERFECT to top that window in our 4K room!!! Especially since we are getting a great re-do from Brian on Monday!

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