Sunday Rewind

Our new LifeSong facility...Courtesy Elaine Martens photography

It was a much anticipated day.  It was a day that took a lot of preparation and prayer.  It was a day that marked a new beginning, and a challenge to continue to dream big dreams. As we Grand Opened our new LifeSong Worship Center yesterday, if you were there, you know, was absolutely NOT about a building.  The vision of LifeSong, from day one, has never been about a building, but rather about dreaming big dreams, having high expectations of God and believing that God will use US to change the world…that He will enable us to use a facility to be another tool to accomplish that.  The mood yesterday was electric.  As I walked through the doors, I walked into HOME.  I could not be more proud of our partners at LifeSong.  They loved well, served well and opened their arms to every person that walked in our doors.  1300 people entered in those doors yesterday and 1300 people heard the heart of who we are as a church – a people who will not stop, give up or shut up when it comes to seeing the Gospel reaches the four corners of the world.

a look into our 9am service

My husband began a 5 week series, “Change”.  (You can watch it online later this week.)  As we remembered a day that changed our lives forever, we use that day to move us to…

*”Recapture Our Dreams” – let NOTHING…our past, what we have to do, or other’s expectations of us – stop us! (Luke 14:16-20)

**We must “Live an Extraordinary Life” Living an extraordinary life requires that we be…Intentional and “Salty”. Being intentional requires we stay focused and on task. Being “salty” requires that we speak and act confidently about who we are in Christ…even in the face of opposition. We must never apologize for who we are in Him.

***”We Change the World” by 1)Compassion; 2)Action; 3)A Willing Heart  This requires that we be compelling…meet them where they are and show them Jesus loves them by using the model of Jesus’ life – love like He loved.

We CAN change the world. That is why God left us here.  We must be bold.  We must love LOUD.  We must NEVER GIVE UP!  We must ask ourselves, “What do I need to change about me to change the world?”

It struck me yesterday, again, that God will never fall short when we have big expectations.  We fall short when we stop expecting.  I’m blessed to be a part of a body that is dreaming big dreams and by doing so,  shows the world around us that we serve a BIG God!


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