What’s Pinteresting This Week

I’m still, after several weeks, very much into Pinterest.  Once I actually started implementing some of these projects, it seemed like it was much less a waste of time, and much MORE a huge help to me to get some stuff done around here.  Today, I’m dedicating Pinterest Friday to the Fall.  I did a “Hurry Up Fall” post a few weeks ago, but as I sit here and type today, the wind is chilly and soup is on the menu tonight.  I’d cut a cartwheel across this living room floor if it weren’t for this nasty sinus infection I have and fear that my head would explode!  So, in tribute to Fall, here are some great food finds and Fall projects that you can, and should, take on this weekend.

I have an abundance of burlap in my craft closet right now, so this piece of art will probably show up in my house soon!

I love burlap art

What a fun treat for your kids after school on a chilly day!

Thanks to my niece, Ashlyn, for pinning such a creative way to show your friends where you live when they come to a Fall Party at your home!

Ruanas are very in for fall and winter. Nice way to stay cozy all day!


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