Sunday Rewind

I think that this week’s message in our series, “CHANGE” was probably one of my very favorites.  This week we talked about our “VALUE,something that I know a thing or two about.  For most of my life, I’ve questioned my value, and lived for years in a great deal of insecurity because of it.  I’ve chosen to believe, instead, these past few years the truths that GOD says about me, and I can now say that my life is fuller, richer and I no longer am rooted in comparing myself to anyone, but I’m relishing finding my sufficiency in God.  As Jeff reminded us on Sunday, we MUST replace the enemy’s lies with the overwhelming truth of what God says about us.

*The enemy says, “You are not important,” but God says, “YOU ARE VALUABLE”.     

*The enemy says, “You are less than,” but God says, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”.

*The enemy says, “You are unloved,” but God says, “YOU ARE LOVED WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE”.

*The enemy says, “You are a failure,” but God says, “YOU ARE CREATED FOR GREATNESS”.

*The enemy says, “You are alone,” but God says, “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE”.

We declared together that we will NO LONGER believe the enemy’s lies, but we will believe and LIVE out the truths that God says over us. Jeff had us put into immediate practice just how vitally important it is that we speak life over one another…especially our own children.  So, we looked to our neighbor and we did just that.  We spoke, “You are beautiful” and “You are loved” into their eyes.  Little did we know that this would be the last time that one of our LifeSong partners would speak those words into the lives of his wife and daughters.  As he sat with all of the LifeSong family later at the movies watching this same message played out in the movie, “Courageous,” that this would be the last time to sit by his wife, to put his kids to bed.  I so wanted to write this post yesterday, but the day quickly became one of the hardest days of our ministry when we awoke to the news that this young father had died only a couple of hours after getting home from the movie.  Past health problems had seemed to resolve themselves and he had been cleared to return to work this week, but life took a turn.  As my husband had to deliver the news of a father’s death to two young children, the message of value resonated into young lives…”You are valuable.” “You are beautiful.” “You will never be alone.”  The Father makes this message clear no matter what our situation…no matter what life brings us.  We are valued.  We are loved.  Don’t put off telling those God has placed in your life how much you value them.  Today I’m thankful that when life takes a drastic turn, God’s love for us stays steady.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Rewind

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  2. I am speechless Amy. The way you all are knitted together at LifeSong is beautiful. THIS is what church is to be. I am so sorry for your community’s loss and praying for all of you at LifeSong.

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