When Your Earrings Don’t Match

Update: Pastor’s wives, I’m also blogging on friendship over at SharpenHer today. Check out how, I believe, maintaining ministry friendships will energize your ministry!

I’ve been sitting around this morning having some much needed silent time.  My life has been a little “everywhere” lately, so the past couple of mornings I’ve enjoyed spending alone and just listening to what God wants to say to me.  This morning, in very God style, He reminded me of a recent breakfast meeting I had with a friend.  We had tons of fun, deep and challenging conversation.  The whole time we sat in the restaurant, I noticed she had on two very different earrings, but I didn’t think a whole lot of it.  As a matter of fact, I thought she looked trendy, even.  She is a beautiful person, always fashionable, so I thought, “She’s on the edge of a new trend I’ve not tried yet.”  So, I basically said nothing, and we just enjoyed our breakfast.  As I was driving home, I was stopped at a redlight and my phone dinged that I had a new text.  I quickly checked it and had a message from my friend from breakfast…”Why didn’t you tell me I had two different earrings on” to which I replied when I arrived home, “I thought you were sporting a new trend, and was actually headed home to switch my earrings! :)” We had a good laugh and I have promised her that I will tell her next time.

I love that irregardless of mismatched earrings, I have a friend, and many others like her, that are unique and individual.  Even this morning I’m watching a news story about TV shows that contribute to making girls just cookie cutter instead of one of a kind.  I’ve lived a lot of my life there.  Under the disguise of being a Jesus girl, even, I often found myself swayed to go along with the crowd, to say ONLY the pleasing things, and staying away from ever going against the flow.  Even in our walk with God, we can be found going with it, rather than really taking stands on truth, we take stands only on that which makes us look good.  Even in our relationships, we focus more of being friends with everyone than really being willing to tough love our friends in truth.  You know what I mean? You know your friend is walking a dangerous road, or even simply making themselves look ridiculous by how they act, yet we say nothing.  Do you have friends that are willing to say the tough stuff?  Sure, it was funny to let a friend walk around with mismatched earrings, but trust me, if I seriously thought she cared I would’ve told her right then and there, but one thing I know…even in this particular relationship, we don’t even have a year yet under our belt of knowing one another, but we hold, instead, a deep, mutual respect to see one another become the very best we can be, so we’re both willing to say the tough stuff in order to see that happen.  I talk a lot here on my blog about speaking life into each other. Why? I believe it!  I believe in the simple things you see in people and speak back to them are the things that lead them to be extraordinary.  This doesn’t happen, however, when we are more focused on who likes us…or doesn’t like us.  We wear ourselves out by trying to build our friends’ lists, but we flourish personally and in our relationships, when we look deep into the heart of those God has, indeed, allowed us to to share life and really share life…mismatched earrings and all!  If you only ever walk through life with two, five, or twenty-five good friends, be a unique you – a one of a kind, break the mold kind of girl.  Be that one that’s willing to dig deep, get dirty when necessary and be real.  Who knows? YOU might be the one that starts a trend!


2 thoughts on “When Your Earrings Don’t Match

  1. OK…so you are really stepping on my toes when it comes to friendship today! This post, along with the one at “SharpenHer,” really hit home. I’ve recently found myself withdrawing from friendships. Not really sure why but I’m going to be more intentional about reaching out and being a true friend to the people God has placed in my life. So very thankful for my virtual community group of pastor’s wives and the encouragement they give me! Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts!

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