Back to Pinterest Friday

Had to take a little break last week from my Pinterest posts, but I’m back at it…WATCH OUT! Not really, but it gets your heart pumpin’, right, because we should totally make Pinterest a serious part of our lives! I actually did take it a little seriously this week and put some of these great ideas into practice.

Fabric scrap wreath...easy and inexpensive...AND personal!

No more tearing the cabinet apart looking for your meds. This is a smart, simple way to organize...and it's CUTE, too!

Traveling for upcoming holidays? This is a GREAT idea to take the "I'm bored" from your child's mouth. Just attach a handle and pouch and you don't forget fun activities to do on the road, and your child won't forget their favorite pillow for sleep!

Are you like me and you like to do a personal cake for your birthday girl or boy? Or, really, do you like to have your own personal birthday cake? This is FANTASTIC! In honor of my birthday weekend, I'm posting this hoping that my hubby reads it and attempts it! Happy Birthday to ME!

Have fun with Pinterest this weekend! Take a little time for yourself and enjoy the weekend!




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