Sunday Rewind

“Mom, I think that was the best message I’ve ever heard Dad preach.”

Those were the words my oldest spoke to me this morning about Sunday’s message as we got everyone ready for school.  I was gone all weekend, and while I did not attend LifeSong in person this week,  I had the privilege of attending online and I would have to agree with my daughter…it was one of the best, if not the best message I’ve heard Jeff preach (You can listen to it here). As he finished up our “Change” series, we were reminded of how important it is to change our influence.  There were so many nuggets of good, simple truth that I just sat there watching feeling challenged, burdened and energized at the same time.  I’m keenly aware everyday that my influence reaches further than I can even comprehend.  I can honestly tell you, though, that when you pray that your life will influence others, God will blow your mind.  At the same time, the gravity of what we do with our influence weighs on me.  Trust me…someone is always watching your life and you can either embrace it or waste it.  As we grow to be a mighty beacon on the hill at LifeSong, we must all remember the power of our influence and then we’ll see God use us to do greater things in our homes, jobs and in our city.

Here are some key points that I took away from Sunday’s message:

How we view our own life is how we view our influence on others. Do you see yourself as a difference-maker…that God can use you?  Begin to see HE alone is the power within you and will use you to do the unimaginable.

When we try to mix the world and Jesus, that will never be a mix that tastes good. There’s no such thing as a fence straddler.  You can’t keep a foot in both worlds and expect to make a viable difference.  The result of trying to live that way will pretty much look like your chasing yourself round and round in circles, making you and those around you crazy.  You really wear yourself down when you hide behind your influence for Christ when you live like a chameleon.

You can’t hide from your influence. Embrace it!  Maybe your past influence has been laced with disaster, but that should never keep you from embracing your influence today.  Use from where God delivered you to influence others.  Use your story. It’s your influence.

To be an influence is to NOT hide your faults.  This is probably my most favorite point.  Maybe because I’m too honest for my own good sometimes, but I sure do gravitate toward people that are real and vulnerable as opposed to those that put on a daily performance that all is well with the world and that’s just not possible.  Things just aren’t good all the time.  People need to see real people have real problems and point them to Jesus..the real solution.

How are you influencing others?  Let’s be real…how are you really influencing others?  Do those in your realm of influence see anything different about you that is pulling them to Jesus?  We have been given a tremendous responsibility.  God left us here to be influencers in order that souls are saved and lives are changed.  Are you making a difference to anyone, or are you blowing the opportunity?  Look ahead, if you can, at where we each can be if/when we use our influence wisely.  For me, this weekend getaway with my girlfriends of over 20 years is proof of this.  We gravitate back together every year because we have lived very real life out with one another.  It’s not all been nice and rosy.  It’s been hard, but we walked through life to the beat of the Jesus drum.  You know what I mean…the steps we took were not to the beat of our own drum, though sometimes they were.  When some of us were up and walking with Him, other times some of us were not. That is where the power of our influence became key.  We embraced it, got real with one another and now all these years later, we still find it necessary to get together and keep on challenging each other to be more and do more for Christ.  Listen.  Use your influence.  No more hiding.  Get out behind the wall and step on the front lines. The King is enthralled with you and is waiting to use you!


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