Sunday Rewind

Yesterday we began, what I feel, will be one of the most crucial series at LifeSong if we are going to be defined as a church that is ruled by integrity, character and godliness.  “Band of Brothers” is an intense call on the lives of the men in our church to be THE difference-makers in their families, jobs and church.  Just a side word of caution to our ladies, though…when we sit and hear our men being challenged to step it up, it is very easy for us to take on an air of superiority and “uh-huhness”.  By that I mean a louder than necessary “Amen” when our men are told to raise the stakes, or when the message is blunt to lead your families.  Let’s not be those women that come off as “You go! Give it to him”. Let’s be women that are encouragers of our men…not bashers. Trust me, you will be challenged to be a woman that your husband finds joy in leading.  There’s a word for all of us.

What a picture we were given yesterday of what God has put in the hearts of men! He has put in the hearts of men to be:



Builders who will:

-Lead Constructively

-Lead Courageously

-Lead Sacrificially


Protectors who are:

-Under Authority and Under Control

-Reject Passivity

From the perspective of a woman, I can tell you, men, that we ladies have a longing in our hearts for you to lead well. We are looking for our men to walk in integrity and stand out as different from the rest.  It’s not always popular among the guys to flesh out what it really mean to be warriors, builders and protectors, but when you do whatever it takes to be that man, you will discover what God has always intended when He’s said “to be set apart”.  At LifeSong yesterday, men were challenged to join the “Band of Brothers” and resolve together that we will be more than a church with a great music, cool technology or a pretty neat building where we can gather…BUT, become men that are defined by their character and men who stand in the gap.  I encourage you to watch this message.  I believe it will result in stronger families and a stronger church.




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