Sunday Rewind

Week 2 of “Band of Brothers” was a challenge to our men to be the best HUSBAND they can be…the husband God clearly, in His word, designed them to be. My husband began his message by reminding us that it takes more than “Puppy Love” to sustain a marriage.  As he and I approach 17 years of marriage in December, we can testify to the fact that while “Puppy Love” is, well…lovely, a great deal of communication, give and take, and team work is required to make our marriages successful.  I encourage you to listen to the message online later today when it posts for the point by point breakdown of what a good husband looks like.  Grasping these truths, men…and women, too, will revolutionize our marriages.  Women deeply desire that their husbands are fully present for them – by that I mean that they want their men to be on their “A” game, and that their women are not just a side addition to who they are, but rather an extension of who they are. They desire that their men lead them into oneness with Christ and in the marriage relationship.  Leader, listener, cheerleader, friend, and the best Christ-follower they can be are what women want in their men.  Women must enhance those qualities in their husbands…you know, bring out the best in them.  We must give our men wings to soar, but we are often found squelching them.  We must never give our men reason to look elsewhere for what fulfills them. Sin is rampant and it seeks to slither its way into our marriages.  Today, commit to do whatever it takes to ensure the barricades are up so that it won’t slither into yours.

We rejoice today with the 15 lives that gave public testimony through baptism yesterday. What a great end to an already incredible day.


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