Sunday Rewind

Sometimes the scars we have in our lives are from our own doing…poor decisions, rebellion, disobedience, and even apathy.  Other times we receive scars from a God-purposed plan – those things in our lives that God allows to hurt/wound us in order to know His calling and to follow Him in a deeper way than ever before.  Yesterday, our Student Pastor, Chris, did such an amazing job telling his story – a story of just being “done” with God moving his family from ministry position to ministry position as his father pastored different churches over the span of several years.  Moves that required changes of schools, friends and another “start over”.  I loved Chris’ story because it is also my story…a story with which I certainly identify…a lot of moves as a Pastor’s kid…a whole lot of changes…and a whole lot of confusion how God could love me if He kept taking me from people I loved.  When we moved overseas, I thought God had abandoned me and didn’t understand how He had my best interest at heart. My move overseas changed a lot for me.  I was made fun of, hated the school I attended and had to adapt to a culture I knew nothing about and go to a church, even, where I could barely understand a word because of limited Spanish at the time.  It was a lot to take in for an 11 yr. old.  Even at age 11, though, God is still drawing us until Himself, allowing us to hurt so we might know Him more…in order to reveal His greater purpose for us.  It’s hard when you’re a kid to understand God’s best for you always doesn’t really “look” like His best for you.  As Chris spoke of yesterday, we are always left with a choice of how we will receive what He gives us. We are always left with a choice of going “with” God or going “against” Him.  I have to tell you, I’ve never regretted going with Him despite uncomfortable circumstances and often painful reminders of growing pains.  I’ve hurt and been wounded since then to a much more severe degree, and I don’t regret those scars either.  The beauty of God allowing hurt in our lives is that He is also the Healer of our hearts.  He may leave us with a scar or two to remind us where we tried to go, but got hurt, or when we went with Him, even, and had to endure a scrape or two along the way.  Regardless, He never leaves us. Our best interest is always at the forefront of His heart.  Which direction are you going today? Against the plan He has for you, or with it?  Let me encourage you today to just go with God…let Him direct your steps.  Allow Him to write your story.  It’s your story that others are waiting to hear.  It’s your scars that will show those around you a life that endured pain, and a Savior that brought you through.  Take time to listen to Chris’ message later today here.


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