Sunday Rewind

Several years ago we had a treadmill in a parsonage where we lived at the time.  We kept it in a little side office, where it faced a window.  It meant that we had our back to anyone that might come in the room, but that’s how we made it fit in the room.  One particular day, about the time our Bailey was around 1 year old, Jeff was jogging on the treadmill.  He was logging the miles, looking at the window, and Bailey sneaked up on him and became curious about what Daddy was doing…or better yet…how the treadmill worked.  From the other room I heard the cry you never want to hear from your child.  It was an awful sound, and thankfully Jeff responded with haste and shut the treadmill off and turned to Bailey in one swift motion.  What we both discovered was that Bailey had stuck her finger in the conveyor belt and severely burned her finger.  Jeff rushed her to the doctor and for the next several weeks we treated her with burn creams and lots of TLC.  To this day, Bailey has a scar on her finger that causes her to have little feeling around it.

Sometimes we so lose touch with others that we never see the scars we are leaving behind.

In our last Sunday of our “SCARS” series, my husband returned from a two week break to tackle the subject of “Scars we suffer from rejection and abuse.”  I knew the topic he would be preaching, but I didn’t know how much feelings of rejection plague me.  My thoughts going in were on those suffering at the hands of abusers, or the mouths of verbal abusers.  He said something early on in his message, though, that stood out to me as if it had a bright neon sign around it…”Many times wounds we know have healed are triggered by events reminding us of past rejection.”  This has been so true in my life.  Without a doubt, I know God has been my Healer, but many times I’m faced with situations where I feel unwanted, rejected or unloved, and all of those feelings of being wounded come to a head.  That’s just when Satan likes to have a field day with us…”Ha, you just thought they wanted you in their life…” or “See where speaking truth in lives gets you? Lonelyville! Nobody wants you around…” or even, “Why waste your time showing them you love them. They don’t even care!”  I felt just like Jeff was on that treadmill that day…while he was just enjoying a run, lost in a moment, there are people in my life just running, running, running and sometimes they run right over me, or so far ahead of me, they don’t care or pay attention to what they speak into my life.  What’s more disturbing to me is that I allow Satan to keep speaking lies to me like that!  I lose sleep lying awake at night listening to his lies.  As loud as Satan speaks this stuff to me, God is always speaking louder.  He is saying, “You are loved. You are mine. You matter.”  Most importantly, He is saying, “You be the you I’ve created you to be.”  He doesn’t want those times of rejection and abuse to define your days.  He wants those times of rejection and abuse to point to His great deliverance.  He wants you to remember you are never alone.  He never, ever wants you to give up.  He wants you to fight to overcome.  He wants you to know there is a future for you!  I know this to be true.  I know that the enemy will always seek to open old wounds, but I’ve seen a brighter future with God on my side.  Let me encourage you to watch this message this week.  There’s a word for all of us.  If you have been the one rejecting and abusing others, the message of hope and a future is for you, too.  Victims are only victims when they resolve to live in defeat.  Jesus doesn’t do defeat.  He has overcome!


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