The Girl With the Big Blue Eyes

After entertaining my husband’s family for Christmas in 1999, I set my sights on preparing for a January 7th due date for our second daughter to join our family.  Little did I know that a day later, I’d go into labor, with my water undergoing a slow break while at church on the 26th. I still had Christmas decor up, and gifts still had to find their permanent place.  There’s no way I could be going into labor!  That’s not how our Bailey Claire wanted it though.  She was ready to come, and upon her arrival she took away any worries of not being  ready.  She came into this world 7lbs, 12 oz of mostly BIG, BLUE EYES and the roundest face you’ve ever seen.  Some things have  changed about Bailey since then.  She is as thin as a stick, and her face isn’t so round anymore, but her big, blue eyes are always bright and shining, and the she has a laugh that makes you want to join in.  She is a light in our lives.  She loves others unconditionally and always is sensitive to what is going on around her.  She genuinely cares for everyone. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and is never shy about sharing Him with others.

We celebrate you today, Bailey.  My prayer is that you keep loving life and that the gift you give others everyday is the gift of your beautiful smile.  12 years with you has filled our hearts with joy! We love you!!!


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