One Word 2012

By nature, I’m a very goal-oriented person.  By nature, I have a VERY hard time getting there! Most likely, you relate. The ride to accomplishing our goals is often bumpy, full of ups and downs and very rarely a straight shot.  That’s the beauty of it, though…the CHALLENGE of it all.  To arrive at your goal and discover you stuck to it, you faced the odds and you arrived.  What’s even more exciting, for me, is having that unattainable goal become a part of me, rather than something I had previously viewed as too lofty.  This is where, once again, I find myself looking ahead to a New Year.  Goal-planning.  Focus.  Challenge.

Last year I challenged myself to one word…a word that would encompass big goals, but would become the breath of life to me, too – a part of who I am becoming…a part of who I could become.  That word took on the name of PURPOSE.  In the big, the small and the in between, I desired to just do life with greater intentionality and purpose.  I can honestly say that I did, and in the process I began to see every. little. thing I took part in as the very place God had already placed me.  I began to embrace life more.  Was it that easy all of the time? No way!  I would even go so far to say that it became its worst at the end of the year.  I lost my focus and became, well…disgruntled.  As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I made myself sick at the sight of myself! Ever been there?  Not a great way to begin a year…especially when you felt God had already revealed your One Word for 2012! I sat in my living room yesterday thinking, “I really should’ve blogged about, or told someone, my one word earlier.” Why? I obviously needed the accountability it brings for others to know your goals.  Brings me to you…well, those of you reading this.  I’m telling you, and now you have the responsibility to hold me to it.  This year, 2012, my ONE WORD is…


This word encompasses a lot for me.  It stemmed from “living in the moment” and being present.  It seems the natural next place to go when your 2011 word was purpose. These words are cousins, if you will.  For this planner, always looking into the future woman, living in the now is right where I need to be.  Already, this has been insanely hard for me.  I am a mommy and I am the manager of my home.  I have to plan all of the time.  I very rarely just allow myself to pay attention to today.  Don’t get me wrong.  We have to look ahead and be prepared, but, for me, when it takes your eyes off of seeing your husband today, seeing your kids today, and appreciating your relationships today, it’s time to reign it in and allow today to breathe life into you.  That’s my plan for 2012, and if I allow myself to look ahead a little to the “nows” of my life, I picture more laughing, less seriousness …more trust, less distrust…more appreciation, less taking for granted…more time, less rushing.  When I do look ahead, it already seems worth it to stop, take a breath and appreciate the now.  Truth be told, living in the now has never disappointed, but maybe, for me, has been too limited.  So, the plan today? Do whatever it takes to love more, be content and what gets done, gets done, because today, right now, I’ve got a date with LIFE.


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