“Relish life with the spouse you love Each and every day of your precarious life. Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange For the hard work of staying alive. Make the most of each one!” Ecclesiastes 9:9


Happy Valentine’s Day! At our house, we highly favor the cliche “Everyday is Valentine’s Day is around here.”  Whether it be our go-to phrase to get us out of spending crazy amounts of money of chocolate or flowers, or getting caught up in the commercialism, that’s how we roll.  We really do feel, though, that each day is Valentine’s day…well, almost everyday. (wink, wink)  If I’m being real, everyday doesn’t really feel like Valentine’s Day.  That whole image of flowers and chocolate, accompanied by butterflies when your spouse walks through the door just isn’t always there.  Of course, it’s all their fault why it’s not there everyday! It couldn’t possibly be me…could it?  Well, maybe a little, I guess!

I love the above verse, though.  That great reminder to relish our days is such a beautiful picture of enjoying the days with the one God gave us.  Those days where life gets so busy, our spouses we act unlovely, the humdrum cycle of life cycles round and round, we have the choice and the opportunity to relish. In the Free Dictionary relish, in its noun form, means, “An appetite for something; a strong appreciation or liking.”  I prefer the verb form, however…“To take keen or zestful pleasure in.” Not only is that a picture of being intentional, but it’s also a picture of ENJOYMENT! We should be taking delight in our spouses everyday.  Listen, all of you male readers, the “way” you take delight in your wife is not what she’s always thinking! Just a little bit of encouragement from me to you today.  Sometimes your wife needs you to validate all she does to manage schedules, prepare meals, complete housework and the generally wearing of many hats she does each and every day.  Just this week my husband wrote me a message thanking me for what I do each day…that he takes notice and it means something!  He has always said that each day he comes home to his FIRST job, and trust me, he lives that.  A true helpmate for me, rather than acting as if he’s another child in our home…he doesn’t have to be repeatedly told to help me with the kids, or serve as an extra pair of hands for me – rather, he’s an extension of me, and I of him.  It’s the way we relish one another.  It’s the deep and profound desire to meet the needs of another, even if the way that is fleshed out is loading the dishwasher for me, or me ironing his shirts.

Are you relishing the spouse God gave you? I’m not delusional enough to think that he/she is easy to relish.  The verse above suggests it’s hard work.  It’s the proverbial choice we get to make everyday.  Maybe today, Valentine’s Day, is typically a one shot deal…the only day you really express your love.  Let me encourage you to make today a new beginning of a day to day decision to relish one another – through the big times and the small times.  I love a box of chocolate as much as the next girl, and side note, honey…hint, hint…but everyday is not like a box of chocolates (sorry, Forrest).  It’s a life of ups and downs, but it’s the greatest reward of our life to GET to walk through life with the one we love.  How well are you loving today?


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