Sunday Summary – “Operation Love Invades”

“Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: Behold, a sower went out to sow.” Matthew 13:3

I had a little self-imposed blogging break, along with a little break from other things going on in my life.  It’s so important as we do life to take time to rest and refocus.  I am thankful for those times that God just carves out for me to re-energize.

Yesterday, at LifeSong Lyman, our high energy, excitement-filled service just further added to refueling my soul and refocusing my mind.  I love these “on the edge of” times in the life of our church…especially when I know that our community is going to be the benefactors of where our focus is.  If you’ve been with us at LifeSong Lyman for very long, you know that we are not the church that wants to be defined by our weekend services, but rather by our impact of our everyday touch on the community.

Again, our mission…”Go be missionaries where you live, work and play.”

We are approaching another big thrust forward as we enter a time we are calling “Operation Love Invades”.  Simply put, we are gong to love BIG, serve BIG and leave a BIG mark on our community.  The thought behind it? As my husband put it yesterday, “No one wants to see you going door to door and throwing Bibles at people.  People want to know you love them.” We love them by meeting their needs…simple!  We will be accomplishing this in the following ways…As you read through the list, how will you be involved? “Operation Love Invades,” a week long family mission trip right in our backyard, takes place during Spring Break, April 1-7.  At the end of the list, you will notice we have a special night of worship just for our LifeSong family…a time to celebrate the week together, and then 5 Easter services over that weekend.  For many, this is the only time, aside from Christmas, that we will see people attend a church service, so while they are there, LOVE them well! So, read the list and jump in!  Call the church office at 439-2602 to put your name on a list!

Food Distribution– We will go into the community and distribute two tractor-trailer loads of food. Our first distribution date is Sunday night April 1st.

Apartment Bible Clubs– We have targeted two apartment buildings to engage the children with Bible stories, games, crafts and lots of other fun stuff to make their spring break a memorable experience.

Free Oil Changes– We will provide free oil changes for families that are struggling to make ends meet.

Teacher/Bus Driver Appreciation Gifts– We want to show the teachers and bus drivers of our community how much we love and appreciate them by giving them a gift.

Free Hair Cuts– We will provide free hair cuts for families that are going through difficult financial times.

Smoke Alarm Change Kits– We will target several grocery stores in order to distribute kits that contain a battery and instructions on how to change the battery in their smoke alarms.

Yard Clean Up- We will have teams working all week to help families do spring cleaning in their yards, especially those who are not physically able to do the work themselves.

Night of Worship– Friday night April 6th at 7PM the LifeSong Worship Team will lead us in a celebration to lift high the name of Jesus and pray for our upcoming Easter services.

Easter Family Fun Day– On Saturday April 7th from 10AM until 1PM we will invite the community to a HUGE party including 12 amusements pieces, carnival games, candy and lunch.

Easter Services

We will have 5 Easter services this year.  Two Saturday night services and 3 Sunday morning services.


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