A Sunday Rewind I’ll Never Forget

Lately, it’s been all I can do to write a “Sunday Rewind” post, recapping our services at LifeSong, but I love writing them because they help me remember the moments of God moving in our services and in the overall life of our church.  Today, I, no matter what was going on, would not let the day pass by without documenting just how God moved in my life yesterday.

Yesterday morning began like any Sunday morning.  I intentionally wake up earlier than any of my kids so I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and spend time praying for our services at LifeSong.  While I pray every Sunday for God to move in extraordinary ways, I have to say that I felt in my spirit to pray so much more fervently, and my expectation level was super high as I anticipated God moving in our services.  Listen to me.  God NEVER disappoints me when I pray expectantly.  NEVER! How He answers may vary in how obvious He has moved, but God is always moving.  I, however, am not always looking, even after I pray for it.  Thank God I was looking for Him to move yesterday, and I do mean I THANK Him!  We entered into our 6th week of our “MONSTER” series and my husband preached on the topic of “Idoltry”. Take time to watch it.  In a nutshell, we were challenged and reminded that God has said, “There shall be NO other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3).  Using the passage of 1 Samuel 5:1-12, he shared the following points…

*We live in danger of taking God for granted (1 Samuel 5:1,2)

**God will remove other affections (so that He becomes our ONLY affection) (I Samuel  5:3-7)

***We can only serve one and God wants us to serve only Him.

In the end, when compared to how we so often treat God as a “buffet God”, only choosing when and which aspects of Him we want, we were challenged to answer for ourselves, “Where do I place my highest praise?” and “Who is directing/guiding my steps?” For me, a Christ-follower I could clearly see so many times I place other affections before God and tried to live my life on my terms.  Here’s the kicker, though…Do I want to live a life that has me in control and be all about me, OR do I want to live a life that can only be explained that has God as the only driving force, as the only explanation? I want God! I choose Him, and I must choose Him everyday!

For our family, we saw our daughter choose Him for the first time yesterday! The prayers I prayed yesterday morning expecting God to move were answered as my 10 year old came to me with the single question of, “Mom, do you hear God speak to you?” As I told her I did, she shared that she has never heard God speak.  After several minutes of sharing that from the day I said, “Yes” to Christ and invited Him into my heart, I have heard Him so much in my life since then through calling me to be a Pastor’s wife, to answering my heart’s cry to be a mom, to following Him to start a church with my husband…but that no “Yes” will ever mean as much to me as the day I said, “Yes” to Him asking to be Lord of my life.  She began to share with me that the point my husband, her daddy, shared that he knew at age 19 he had to stop saying “no” to God and say “yes” because he really felt as if this was his last chance, had really made her think about how she has never said “yes” to God – didn’t even know how to say it- and that she knew that she couldn’t even be sure she’d be in heaven with Him if she died today.  As I sat and watched the tears roll down the face of my daughter, she turned to me and said, “Mom, will you pray with me?” I asked her how she would like for me to pray for her and she replied, “Mom, I want to pray and ask Jesus to be my Savior and come into my life.” Again, listen to me! She made this clear and simple for me as I guided her….She ASKED! She was following God’s voice even when it was not familiar to her and just knew that she was ready to say “Yes” to God.  I can’t describe what those moments were like for us.  I can tell you, though, it is worth it, my friend, to trust God with your day, to enter into each day expecting Him to move. No, there’s not neon signs shining and music blaring to make us see how He’s moving, but He is always moving when we are really looking.  I can’t imagine not looking for Him yesterday as my daughter became my sister in Christ.  I can’t imagine what would’ve happen if I had chosen to just continue watching TV when she asked me if I ever heard God speak to me…if I hadn’t turned the volume off to look into her eyes and really listen.  I can’t imagine not seeing God when He brought a hurting friend my way yesterday that needed me, or seeing Him touch life after life in our services at LifeSong.  All because we look, friends…all because we look.  Where are you looking for Him? You can be looking all the wrong places and still know He’s around, or you can look for Him and really find Him when you seek Him with all of your heart.  It’s ALWAYS worth it!


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