Sunday Rewind With a Twist

Wow, Wow, Wow! If I ever come out of a Sunday at LifeSong without uttering a big WOW, then I must have been out of my mind! Like my husband said last week in his message, “If you can explain it, then God probably didn’t do it, but if you can’t explain it, you know it’s all God.” Well, at LifeSong, we don’t want any other explanation for what is taking place than it’s all GOD!

Yesterday, what a great message on PRIDE to end our series, “Monster”.  If you have missed any of the messages, check them out online!  We saw so many lives changed as people responded to living a life not characterized by pride.  Jeff spoke of three specific areas where pride rears it’s ugly head…

*I’m better than you

**I’m in control

***That doesn’t apply to me.

If any of these sound like you, watch yesterday’s message.  What an eye-opener for me as I saw, in each of these areas, that I need a whole lot more of Jesus and way less of me!

Switching gears to a little twist on looking back on our great worship service.  Sunday not only represented another opportunity to corporately grow as Christ-followers, but it also represents a huge kick-off for LifeSong as we launch into our LOVE INVADES week.  This week is a pivotal time in the life of our community as we once again put our love and words to action.  We got things going with a huge party sending off our volunteers for this family mission trip in our own community. As a vision of orange shirts filled our worship center, the air was electric as we cheered our teams on that would serve to provide FREE oil changes, FREE haircuts, provide 600 teachers with appreciation gifts, and FREE smoke alarm battery kits.  We got things REALLY going, though, by distributing almost 900 bags of groceries throughout the community, which we will do again tonight.  Please tell me this doesn’t excite you!!! I love watching our volunteers truly being “MISSIONARIES WHERE THEY LIVE, WORK AND PLAY.”  No bad attitudes, no “I can’t do this”, no whining, no rockstar egos….just true humility in action.  I love LifeSong.  I love that we don’t even need to organize a week like this for our partners to serve and love their neighbor, but when we do set aside a week like this, I get to hear specific stories of people coming face to face with their need of a Savior.  So, my LifeSong family let’s be in it to win it! Thank you for not sitting on the sidelines and talking about getting it done, but actually going out and doing this thing! You go love well and lead well this week!




Wanna be involved in what’s going on? We have plenty for you to do! Check it out…

Mon 4/2: Free Oil Change  5pm – 8pm;Food Distribution 6pm – 8pm
Tues 4/3: Apt. Vacation Bible School  10:27 am; Free Oil Change  5pm – 8pm
 Weds 4/4: Free Haircuts 5pm – 8pm; Food Distribution 5pm – 8pm;
Teacher Gift Packing – 5:30pm-7:30pm
  Thurs 4/5: Apt. Vacation Bible School 10:27 am; Battery Distribution 3pm-7pm
Sat 4/7: Family Fun Day Carnival  10am – 1pm
Free Haircuts 10am – 1pm

Also, join us for 5 Easter services this coming weekend…Saturday – 5:30pm; 7pm and Sunday – 8:30am; 10am; 11:30am. We can’t wait to see you!


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