Sunday Rewind…And a Saturday, too!

My post today may be like other church’s re-caps.  I think those of us who saw a great movement of God probably really have no words to sum up everything.  I try to take time to really let things sink in…look around and take notice…but here I sit on a Monday morning in a fog over all that I witnessed at LifeSong Church-Lyman this weekend.  I have to say that the prayer of my heart over the entire weekend can actually be summed up in one word, and that is “EXPECTATION”. I just didn’t want anything different than walking through the doors expecting and anticipating God to do amazing things.  When we expect God to do it, it is a whole lot less about what we can do, but all about what we desire to see Him do.

It all began Friday night as everyone who had participated in “Love Invades” gathered for a time of worship.  I truly have no words for what I experienced in that room at 7pm on a Friday night.  I am very humbled and in awe of our worship team as they led completely from their hearts.  I think we all left that night with the feeling that we were headed into “Game Day” and looked forward to amazing things in our weekend’s 5 services.

We kicked off our weekend with a great Family Fun Carnival.  It was so good to meet families that planned to attend our services on Saturday and Sunday, along with being able to spend some time with my own kids after a week away at their grandparent’s house.  It was such a fun, full day that led right up to our two services on Saturday evening.  I had the honor of welcoming everyone, a vantage point I rarely have.  I loved looking out into the faces of all of the attendees and being able to not only welcome our visitors, but also to personally thank our partners at LifeSong who served so faithfully, and without complaining in order to make “Love Invades” and our services flow so smoothly.  I love this front row seat I have to seeing people embrace their callings, as well as grow in enthusiasm to serve unconditionally.  Without such great volunteers, I feel quite certain that my post today would not be so glowing.  Our volunteers MAKE the whole experience come off without a hitch!

We kicked off a new sermon series this weekend, “Rock the House”.  My husband preached a simple, straightforward message of how the Gospel can, should and has to change our homes.  Our prayer for this weekend was to see fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, daughters, sons and ENTIRE families grasp the life-changing hope that salvation in Christ brings.  As we dug into the passage in Acts 16:25-34, we saw the life of a jailer who had been tasked to guard Paul and Silas, changed. Through the natural event of an earthquake, God opened the gates of the jail AND the jailer’s heart.  As my husband said, “When all hell breaks loose, Jesus breaks in..” Through chaos, this jailer found hope…he found Christ! When his heart questioned what he should do to be saved, his simple question found a simple answer…”BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”  And just like that, the message of the Gospel changed a life, and it changed this jailer’s life so much that he asked Paul and Silas to return to his home and share this hope with his whole family! Guess what, they BELIEVED!  Jesus changed EVERYTHING for this family!  He ROCKED THE HOUSE!

We have seen this truth played out in our own church family as a mom came to one of our services and she believed, when a couple of weeks later her husband, too, believed and their son saw such a change in their lives that a week later, HE believed! Jesus rocked their household.  Their lives have been forever changed.  Is this you? Do you see all hell breaking loose in your own life and see everything as complete chaos? Does it bring you hope that Jesus is asking that you only and simply BELIEVE? He has the answers.  He calms the storms of life.  He will, and wants to, change your household! BELIEVE, friend…simply believe!

***Update…Since posting this earlier today, we totaled our numbers and rejoice over 1700 walking through our doors, but we  are OVER THE MOON  about 45 people coming to know Christ as their Lord and Savior! So exciting!!!


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