Sunday Rewind…Through the Eyes of Avery

It was so good to be back with our LifeSong Lyman family Sunday after a fabulous week of vacation.  We continued our series, “Contagion…How to be an infectious follower of Christ”.  I’ve asked my 10 year old daughter, Avery, to share her thoughts on yesterday’s topic of “Helping people overcome obstacles of faith.” Recently, Avery made her own decision to become a Christ-follower, and as she shared her notes of yesterday’s sermon with us, I realized that there’s no better person to give her perspective on this topic.  I believe you’ll see that no matter our ages, we all have obstacles that we must overcome when it comes to the topic of faith.  Without further ado, here’s Avery’s thoughts….

1 Corinthians 9:22 NOT ABOUT US ABOUT GOD!! This is not our home. Heaven Is our home. The more you love Jesus the more you love people. People think they know about Jesus but they don’t. If you understand Him you know how to reach them. What they’re against is Christ followers. Our nature is to be weak not to be great. John 24-28:  God is the one that grows the seed while the farmer’s asleep. No one can take your story away from you. They can’t change you or your story. It requires faith to Believe in GOD! Christ can change you.

DEPEND ON GOD. PRAYER IS A POWERFUL THING. Prayer opens the power of heaven One day the world will burn up but heaven will be there. The Holy Spirit of God is in this place.  God will put things through you never seen before. We don’t know when will draw our last breath. We don’t know when our friends or family will… it can happen anywhere.

Acts 8:26-28 Most of us are trying to live to the fairytale life. God loves us enough we don’t need it.!;) God’s not against you. he loves us he loves people more than you do he loves you more than anybody ever could.

Luke18:18-23 It’s about Jesus! It is about our relationship with him. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes through the father except through Him. Died for US! The only why is Jesus! We’re not perfect. When people see you what are they saying about you the way you see Jesus? Avery

Take time to watch the message from Sunday.  Know that God is for you today.  He will never let you down.


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