Gratitude Week: Day 4

Meet Anna.  Anna is also a partner at LifeSong.  One of the most kind-hearted women I know, Anna shows me such fortitude and determination to walk each day with Jesus to the very fullest.  You’ll always find Anna with a smile on her face and she always has her “yes” on the table to whatever God asks of her.  An amazing mom and friend, you’ll find yourself all the better for just spending a single moment in Anna’s presence.

I am so full of gratitude that it’s hard to put into words. I’m even thankful that I’m so thankful for everything! It makes life much easier if you can see the good in not so good situations. I am most thankful that I have a God who loves me, that I can trust to be in total control of my life. Romans 8:28 says, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. I can live with a peace that passes all understanding because I know that no matter what happens, good or bad, He knows the future and He knows what’s best for me. After all, He’s already written my story.

    After years of running from God and doing things my way, I started feeling like something was missing in my life. Everything in my life seemed like such a mess and I was trying to control it to be the way that I thought it should be. I finally turned to God and experienced a freedom that I had never felt before. I can’t say that it was easy to let go of that need to control everything, it was a very slow process and I still have to remind myself daily who is in control of my life.

    In April of this year, I was able to go to Haiti on a mission trip. It was a big part of making me aware of what really matters in life. I never expected the joy and happiness in the people who live there. By our standards, they have nothing, but truthfully, they have it all. I was blown away by the genuine love they have for God and others. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear or what kind of house you live in because most of them don’t even have, what we here in America, would call a house. I can’t say that it made me thankful for what I have, but that it made me ashamed that I have so much, and not enough love.

    I stay focused on gratitude by constantly thanking God for everything. I thank Him everyday for beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the changing of seasons and everything in between. I think God puts these things in our lives as reminders to be grateful. He has also given me my precious daughter, who can make me smile in the worst of times. His timing is perfect. He knows just what we need and when we need it, and for that I am also grateful.

My name is Anna Jennings I am a single mother to my daughter Brinlyn who is 4 years old and I work full time at CVS Pharmacy. I have been going to Lifesong Church for about 4 years, and I have loved every minute of it. I grew up in church, but until several years ago, I never lived my life the way that I should. When I look back now, I can see that Satan had blinders over my eyes for most of my life. I just didn’t get it. Finally, I was forced to turn to the only thing I had left to turn to, my God, who was still there waiting on me after all that time.


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