When You Feel Like Quitting

Back in high school, I played on the basketball team…that is, until I quit!  It wasn’t an issue of lack of talent, because if I can boast for a second, I could play.  It was more an issue of as our coach began to make us do countless numbers of suicides and other crazy drills, I began to have to really, really WORK!  What had always been somewhat of a natural talent to me became overwhelming, and the game I loved to play really didn’t seem that appealing anymore, so I made up some lame excuse and I QUIT…Q-U-I-T, QUIT!!!  With a very stinky attitude and a very literal stink from all of the perspiring I had done running suicides, I informed my coach I was done.  That day marked a nasty pattern in my life of quitting when things got too tough.

Today I am sitting at home because I want to quit because it feels too tough.  I want to be done.  I want to jet off to Hawaii (which just so happens to be on The Today Show this morning, adding insult to injury).  It’s just been a very tough week, one that challenges me to the core because I want to live my life with excellence and last week sure didn’t measure up.  Ever have one of those weeks when you’re just on a high because things have gone so well, but not everyone or everything around you got the memo?  That’s been me lately.  I came home last Sunday, Mother’s Day, on a complete high over how God would allow me to stand before our people at LifeSong and be a messenger about how God had been speaking to me, and how I saw lives changed right before my eyes.  Waking up Monday morning, though, from the get-go things were different.  The activity in our home was rushed, schedules were topsy-turvy and there was just an overall degree of feeling “off” amongst the whole lot of us.  Throughout the day and the rest of that week I felt that Satan was doing the “nanny, nanny, boo, boo” face at me, mocking me, trying to take me down.  I began to wake up each day dreading stepping a foot out of bed, much less stepping a foot out of the door.  I had allowed my circumstances and perceptions of what was going on around me rule my mood, speak lies to my heart and I’ve slowly thrown my hands in the air with my “I surrender” flag in my hands.  Life just becomes too much to handle, and why did God ever allow me to stand up before a lot of people only to have Satan make a complete fool of me all week?

“Our attitude each day can cause us to say and do things that are irreversible.”

These are the words I heard my husband speak in his message yesterday at LifeSong.  Never was there a truer statement to sum up my week, and I might add that the same is true for what others say or do around us.  Our attitudes all the way around around affect! They affect our mood, our performance, our overall day, achieving our dreams, and on and on.  We lose chunks of life just by having bad attitudes.  We quit life when we have bad attitudes…when we wake up everyday and choose to live in the stench of a bad attitude, we QUIT!  How, then, do we live fully? 

Live everyday with JESUS

We try to live a “Sunday only with Jesus” life.  We wake up on Sunday morning excited to spend time with Him…in a building.  We anticipate meeting Him…in a building.  We don’t have to have it like that.  We get to wake up with Him EVERYDAY.  We get to CHOOSE Him every single day, but let me tell you, we’ve got to make up our minds to do it, to CHOOSE! Today, in the quiet places of my heart…in that place of wanting to give up, I’m trying to choose.  It’s hard, but life is waiting for me.  Today I’ll take time to work at it, to be still in it, and it’s OK.  Whatever it takes, no matter how hard a job I make it, I want to learn to choose Him in it all.

CHOOSING Jesus everyday empowers us to stop quitting…no more quitting people, quitting/hopping churches, quitting jobs, moving from spouse to spouse, living lifeless lives. Choose to live…choose Jesus everyday!

Choosing HIM everyday makes all of the difference in the world. When life isn’t what we hoped, when it requires a little more work to live out our calling, when we take days to be still and know Him, we must choose HIM over and over making our lives EVERYDAY JESUS. If you feel like quitting today, don’t.  Choose Him today. Choose to have an attitude that overcomes. Choose to live life with Him everyday and not just Sunday.


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