If you were to ask me which season I love the most, it’s always the Fall. I love everything about it, from pumpkins to crisp Fall air, I’m a sucker for it all! In the throws of summer right now, I am hot and sweaty, neither of which are a good mix for me.  I get cranky and uncomfortable, and well, maybe a little moody.  I don’t hate it altogether, though, for within summer some of my sweetest memories lie.  The smell of honeysuckle takes me to times of sitting on my deck, enjoying early, not so hot mornings, with my husband.  The wild and free days of watching the girls splash around in the pool, waiting until it gets dark so they can catch fireflies to the building up to of vacations at the beach, these summer days are ones I always savor.  If I could put it all in a bottle and enjoy it anytime I want, only then it would be more sweet!

I remember the song by Leanne Womack in which she pleaded with her daughters to “never lose your sense of wonder”.  It seems so very easy to do that these days. With all of the pulls at our time, that alone is enough to make us forget how to stop and just press pause.  Add the easy access we have to virtually EVERYTHING, our lives can be completely tied together at any time of the day, whether we want them to or not!  Maybe  we’ve forgotten that not everything really needs to be shared with the world.  Didn’t we used to tell our kids that? “You don’t have to share everything you hear, or every single detail of your life with the world” we’d say. Have we gotten so caught in the act of capturing life on a Vine, an Instagram post and declaring how great our lives are on a Facebook post that we’ve actually stopped really living our life by being present IN it?  Have our most intimate times with God become less than because we hit the share button on every moment we have with Him?

“Not every glorious moment from God is meant to be broadcast to the masses. Some are to be kept as secrets, like whispers between lovers.” Anne Marie Miller 

May we never lose the sacred moments when God speaks to us and rather sacrifice them at the hands of posting them on social media. It’s very hard to keep up with a world that has an awful lot to say, and if you’re like me, even following a whole lot of good people with a LOT of good things to say can divert my focus off the One to whom I really need to listen.  Just like those summertime memories that we let sink into the sweetest parts of our heart, let the love Jesus speaks over you remain with just you once and awhile.  Be intentional this summer to savor what God is really saying just to you, to make memories with YOUR Father God.  I want to share with the world what He says to me everyday, but I’m learning and relearning that these things He whispers to me each day are sometimes just for me and no one else.  “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) is sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves each day. Savor your day with Him today, my friend.


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