That Time A Car Hit Me

When I was in Kindergarten I was hit by a car in the line waiting for my mom to come and pick me up from school.  Two lines were waiting on kids and one teacher told the cars in the first line to go, while another teacher told me to walk across to the second line, where my mom was waiting. While it wasn’t at a fast speed, it was fast enough and before I knew it I was face down on the concrete and my PE teacher was racing toward me on one side while my mom was running out of her car on the other side.  After assessing my injuries and determining nothing was broken, my teacher scooped me up and took me inside to lie down.  I remember it like it was yesterday. It terrified me and to this day I am terrified of one of my girls getting hit by a car.

Whether it be in a school car line on on a fast paced highway, we run the risk everyday of the same thing happening to us.  For me, I had one teacher looking out for me that day and her goal was not to send me into a line of oncoming cars.  When she thought there was no danger, she told me to go.  For the other teacher, she was looking after the line of cars ready to leave with their already loaded up kids.  Neither hoped to put me in danger, but regardless that was the end result.  I remember the teacher who told me to go trying to stop me from being hit, but it was too late, and I see that becoming a trend among Christ-followers today.  It’s become a part of daily conversation to hear people saying that they saw the signs “so and so” was headed from trouble, and they should’ve said something, but they didn’t. The Gospel we are allowed to preach has become “only say the good stuff that keeps me happy” instead of the plain, simple truth.  There’s a lot of “as long as I am happy, God is happy, because in the end He just wants me to be happy”, so we forsake His truth and make our own up under His name.  Friend, the mark is, and has always been, live like JESUS, not the world.  I admit there are times I want to just not even go there and write a blog like this because I worry of offending someone or sounding too preachy. I don’t want to ruffle tail feathers. And then I remember times like a teacher trying to keep me from the danger of a car hitting me and know exactly what God has called me to do.  He has not asked me to shut up and teach you only what you want to hear.  He has called me to live like Him and love like Him.  Even Jesus, in the temple, drove out all who were making it out to be a house of robbers (Matthew 21).  That’s the hard part of living like Christ.  It demands us to say the tough love things that might not be the oh so easy things to say.  I don’t really like that part, but I less like people I love and invest in walking roads that will lead to life altering consequences.  In my life, I don’t always get it right.  I am so visual in my approach to stuff I go through that I often imagine a target with the name JESUS as the mark and my vision is not clouded. It’s clear and to the point that when I don’t know which way to go, I aim straight ahead for Him.  I am not willing to watch people I love go down paths that will lead to hurt.  Hear me loud and clear…really good and awesome things are not always the right things for us – especially when it looks nothing like God’s word.  When we are compromising the truth of the Gospel lived out in our lives, it is not the right thing. If we say we want to live by God’s word and alter it so we can be happy, it’s not the right thing.  The choice is run out into traffic and either be seriously injured or even killed, or listen to the word and LIVE it.  Today, if you are struggling with bad decisions today, stop!  The day the car hit me could’ve been so much worse.  I might not have been able to write this had it not be for the protective hand of God. Don’t let where you are headed point to destruction.  Grace is at every turn, but the choice is ultimately only you can make.  Christ-follower, saying what Jesus says and doing what Jesus does is ALWAYS the right thing. Don’t let the fear of what people will think of you for standing up for the Gospel keep you from loving people despite their junk. To save a life is NEVER the wrong decision.


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