I wanted nothing more than to be married. I craved it. I thought about nothing else. In my pursuit to find “the one” I said yes to less than God’s best for me. I just wanted someone to love me. My dating choices suddenly became ones I flirted with so they would ask me out, manipulated to like me, and even one who represented nothing about my goal to find a “man after God’s own heart”. I settled.

It was then that I faced the truth that I had exchanged the truth for a lie. All of my energy had been spent on pursuing a man – the right man – when all God was asking me to do was to pursue Him. When I made the choice to ask God to lead me, and when I asked Him to fulfill me, and when I put Him above the idol I had made in my own life (to find the right one), it was then that He showed me that He had “the one” waiting on me all along.

Giving God control of the matters of the heart is easier said than done, but never worth the compromise of walking down a path He never set out for us. Walking the road of anything contrary to His word will lead to pain and destruction, and when you think it won’t, think again. But when we take ourselves off the throne of our lives, and put Him back in control of our lives, the path is always clear. Ladies, pursue Him. Pursue seeing yourself through the eyes of the One who made you. Find your purpose in Him. You are stronger than you think you are when you operate in His power. Flee from being anything other than being just like the one you are waiting for. He is out there. He is looking for the WOMAN after God’s own heart!


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