How Love Wins

I suddenly found myself the hurt one when who I thought was my forever friend no longer wanted to be friends. “Stay out of my life,” she said. Left feeling confused and broken-hearted I wondered what I had done. Hadn’t I been there in the hardest times in her life?Hadn’t I done enough? In all honesty the answer was ‘Yes’. I didn’t know what more I could do. But hurts linger and she was hurting for reasons unrelated to me and I had become the hurt one from the hand of another hurt one. We really do hurt people when we’re hurt, don’t we?

So, I was left with a choice. Could I still love well when she no longer wanted to hear my words, meet for coffee, or dream the dreams we had for our friendship? Admittedly, a crushed heart doesn’t always want to love the one who hurt us, but really, isn’t that the only choice we have when all we really want in the end of anything is grace? It may often be the road less traveled, but no other road will do.

Maybe you’re the other one who was left heart broken in a relationship. Maybe all you wanna do is live and relive the hurt because “you can”! Maybe you just want to let “them” know they broke you and you want them to hurt, too! Today life can linger in the grudges, or it can soar to the “new” place. You decide the new place and you decide to love. Love wins…in the end it always wins!


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