I Forgive You

From the time our girls were small we’ve sought to teach them to not just say they are sorry, but that asking forgiveness…that’s what truly speaks life! In a world that is out for #1, Matthew 18 (look it up) is becoming less and less and there’s more “Well, they wronged me, so I can say whatever I want about them, and do whatever I want” or “Why should I be the one to ask for forgiveness? They started it”. In the times I’ve been the most hurt at the hands of another, I found myself saying and doing very hurtful things because “they deserved it”! Did I feel better? Absolutely NOT! Hurting others because they hurt us makes us no better. I’ve pined away for the notion that if they would just come and ask for forgiveness for what they did, then all would be right again. In many situations there’s been no knock at my door, no pulling me to the side, no “Hey, can we talk” uttered seeking forgiveness. So, where does that leave me? Forgiving them anyway!

Saying “sorry” just doesn’t cut it for matters of the heart. The hurt is more than a little boo, boo. When pain is the result of pride fleshed out, when words are said in anger, when we become the brunt of the broken person’s hate, those things aren’t fixed with an “I’m sorry”. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to offer, but one of the most necessary! Many people will never know how they have even hurt us, but even then we forgive. If I want to live my life like Christ at all, then I forgive, whether I want to or not…and I get up the next day, and choose to forgive again and again. Who do you need to forgive today? The first answer may be forgiving yourself, and then you allow that forgiveness to flow into every single relationship you have. God often calls us to be the one to break the cycle. Today, He just might be calling you to let go of the hurt and allow the healing waters of forgiveness to cover it all!


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